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Daily Paul: "I don't believe Jesus would have endorsed Romney."

As found in a comment on the Daily Paul by cthan:

Most of us here realize that both Obama and Romney refuse to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, which will DIRECTLY lead to more deaths of troops and civilians. Yet most voters plan on voting for Obama or Romney.

See the problem here?

The problem is politicians like Obama and Romney and the people who keep voting for them. We need to directly challenge the Obama and Romney voters with points such as the title of this post. Maybe we could get behind and fund an ad that promotes the principles of truth, freedom and peace and point out why we think voting for Obama or Romney is wrong.

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To clarify

The "point" I was referring to was not the title,but the first sentence of the paragraph,which I would like to add to."Both Obama and Romney refuse to bring our troops home from Afghanistan,which will DIRECTLY lead to the deaths of more troops and civilians.Therefore,I refuse to vote for Obama or Romney because I believe the lives of troops and civilians are more important than voting for Obama or Romney."....I had posted this point on Yahoo and it seemed like it was being censored because the post kept vanishing until my fourth or fifth attempt using a different browser finally worked in getting the post to show in the comments section.