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My Open Letter to We Are Change

Dear We Are Change,

I love you guys, I seriously do. You guys are an amazing grassroots organization that puts out great content covering important topics.


When you make a fuss about Jack Hunter or Jesse Benton...GET OVER IT. Spend your time in Washington trying to interview Senators who are opposing the Audit the Fed bill. Target those that are a serious threat to liberty, don't create infighting within the movement. So what if Adam Kokesh wasn't allowed at whatever event, cry about it. No one cares who John Tate is and what he has to say outside of this little bubble we live in, interview some real players and cover issues that matter.

Yeah I understand people are pissed off at the campaign, and they have a right to, the campaign wasn't perfect, but we can't look backwards. I don't need to see a 5 minute We Are Change video following around Rand Paul to hear him say he doesn't want to talk to you, I have better things to do with my life.

I don't know if you lost your creativity or if you're being a bunch of drama queens, but seriously, get your act together.

By the way, no offense, I still love you guys. I just want you to step up your game because I know you can do better.


Whoever is with me on this

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Signed tog2476

I agree, it kind of makes it look like we are change are the real conspiracy when they pull this stuff. We have way bigger problems to be exposing right now, then throwing blows at our own. Great letter, keep up the great work.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


PLEASSEE! We can all point fingers at this group and that Order but thats all BULLSHIT! what you really need to be pointing fingers at is Congress and the Senate because they are the ones that make the Law. You want change, take back this house!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Yes, holding peoples feet to the fire is for losers

it's what we say we are going to do, but that's all just talk, be a team player. Your principles hurt liberty inc. Also, vote for Romney he is the lesser of two evils.

Hear Hear!

Im not interested in infighting. Im interested in ending the Fed and this huge system of destruction that is destroying the world.



Don't examine the potentially poisonous elements of the liberty movement that mirror the poisonous elements of politics in general. If you pay too much attention to what you care about, you might end up facing unfortunate truths and having to deal with them, where it would be far preferable to just allow what you care about to be watered down, co-opted, sabotaged, and destroyed.

You guys are like, totes such drama queens! I mean like, for realzies, yo! Tracking down legitimate insiders to press them for information??? Nobody needs that! What people need is DailyPaul message board posts complaining that you guys are actually out attempting to do stuff! THIS is how stuff gets done! Stop what you're doing immediately, step up your game, and engage in the truly inane! This is what having your act together looks like:)



"Tracking down legitimate insiders to press them for information??? Nobody needs that!"
"What people need
is DailyPaul message board posts complaining
that you guys are actually out attempting to do stuff!"
Thanks Johnny

Did you actually watch the videos?

It was pathetic. These guys are acting like establishment goons. All they did was try to ask a few perfectly legitimate questions.


legitimate questions.
Saboteurs and traitors, Congressmen and Senators respond
EXACTLY like Tate.
Contrast his deflective / runaway response
with Doug Wead and Ron Paul's openness.
Night and Day... it's obvious.
the video:

a haiku

the difference between night and day
snakes slide hiss, lions stand respond
confronted with legitimate questions