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Pic - Chinese Invasion Fleet heading towards Japan lol

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Those pics would be funny

except for the fact that last summer the Chinese Navy sent a submarine to within 15 miles of the coast of California and launched a ballistic missile...remember? And we didn't even know it was there.

Before that, a Chinese sub submerged right smack dab in the middle of a massive U.S. and Japanese fleet that was conducting joint war games in the south china sea. And we didn't even know it was there.

Russia has a new fuel-air bomb that's similar to our MOAB (mother of all bombs) except the Russians call their's the FOAB (father of all bombs) the Russian's claim the FOAB is 7 times the power of the MOAB. China is developing these bombs as well.

China is more secretive than the old Soviet Union and they are not showing us every card they have. Clearly, China has some kind of stealth sub technology or we are extremely incompetent.

If I lived in California, which I don't, I would be a little nervous.

Kilo class subs

Are virtually undetectable. Iran also have these subs and along with the sunburn anti-ship cruise missiles, the US fleet would be wiped out in days if they foolishly choose to go to war with Iran.

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Wait until you see Japan's

Wait until you see Japan's fleet

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Not hardly,

but funny. Unfortunately, the Chinese have a lot more technology (thanks to US corporations) than we generally give them credit for, and their underground nuclear arsenal is reportedly akin to ours.