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Mitt Romney's brave and lonely campaign to re-elect Obama

I have thought since the spring the Romney was a non-candidate pushed to guarantee Obama reelection. Tonight while trolling the net I came across this

article that sums it up nicely. Please read it its not very long and cuts directly to the point. I would love to this on the front page :)


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btw, Tim Pawlenty just

btw, Tim Pawlenty just stepped down as the co-chair of the campaign to become a lobbyist.

...And people don't understand why this country's in shambles.

very clever writing . . .

and why not?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You thought correctly.

Nothing happens in a vacuum...especially something that is so improbable.

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It's difficult to believe, but many times the truth is

I posted this awhile back, its the only logical analyses of what we have witnessed in this election cycle. The article quotes Sherlock Holmes:
"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

The author came to the conclusion Romney and the insiders at the GOP threw this election to Obama, that's now obvious, however his reasons are incorrect. Ron Paul was a threat to the MIC, the banking cartel, MSM propagandists and the growing federal bureaucracy. The simple fact is, they did not stop the R3volution they just gave us some encouragement, because nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

Ah yes Daily Kos. Where the

Ah yes Daily Kos.
Where the mantra on government is "Do what we say with other people's money".

But they have a little guy holding an american flag so THEY MUST BE patriotic.... rah rah rah!

Southern Agrarian

Ad hominem.

Just because they're leftist, that means they're automatically wrong on everything, even an article that's largely similar to our opinion of Willard?

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I find the daily kos to be

I find the daily kos to be one of the most anti liberty websites out there and although the article does pick on Romney, it is in no way favorable to the liberty movement. I would say its antagonistic to us, not as much as it is toward Romney but still not favorable to liberty candidates. The article appears more like Obama liberal diatribe.

because if it's true . . .

it doesn't matter who says it--

it's obvious to those with the 'leftist' perspective that Romney's becoming the GOP 'winner' (by whatever dishonest means) will ensure the re-election of Obama.

Who in the liberty camp doesn't know that already?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I agree.

It feeds the false left right paradigm, the "leftism is the new mainstream" meme. What is conservative about Romneys big "legacy", Romneycare??? It's disingenuous. Romney appears to be throwing the election? DUH, ya think?

Why bother...

posting drivel from a site run by uber leftist Markos Militsas?

For The Power of The Republic!

It's unpleasant at times...

..but recon is vital to security and security is vital to liberty. I appreciate that someone here is keeping an eye on Marxist Minimus.

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I have always been of the

I have always been of the opinion to look everywhere and anywhere for information. True the origin of the information is something to keep in mind but just because someone with opposite views and goals than mine say something, that in itself is not a valid reason to ignore it.

I personally would never

I personally would never imply ignore anything. I regularly read views from many perspective and feel that is good. But make no mistake this article is not a liberty positive piece. I don't believe in the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, in fact they very well can still be your enemy as well. Your original post at the top implies we should champion this article and put it on the front page as something we endorse, and with that I disagree. While the article is anti-Romney it is not pro-liberty and comes from a source that it is routinely very negative toward what I believe is the predominate viewpoint from those here of liberty.