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The next time the GOP blames Paul supporters for losing please reference this

I know it's not hard to poke fun at corporate media. It's also very easy to have your way with Romney..He is a huge target that seems to be growing in size. I just had to post this because Jon Stewart did such a great job at pointing out why the right wing/GOP and their talking heads are really their own worst enemy and need no help at all pouring fuel onto the fire of the already raging inferno that is their own destruction..Have a good laugh, and good morning DailyPaul!!


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he is partisan

but he is right...pointing out the corporate welfare is what we are all about...not throwing granny out in the street...felles kinda good to watch the gop implode

I posted this on my FB...

"Jon Stewart tears Romney apart... seems partisan... but get this...at the end he catches fire and points out the real scams of corporate welfare, the federal reserve, and unwittingly(?) also exposes the current administration's neglect of t
he promises made 3.5 years ago to stop this theft of large corporate tax breaks and subsidies on top of it. Ventura stated this the other day on Piers Morgan; the large corporate conglomerates that receive these benefits or cheap loans from the Fed spend more in lobbyists than they do in taxes year in year out.

What the poor people get through the social safety nets are crumbs compared to what the crooked business men in power rake in. Yet we are pinned against each other while the real "leeches" and "parasites" of our society are seldom talked about in the mainstream, and if they are, they are framed as partisan issue. One must read between the lines."

I thought it helps expose the right/left alliance to corporations if anything...

So they had this since May

So they had this since May and waited until after he secured the nomination. Tells me they were just helping him out until then by keeping it quiet because they know Obama can beat him lol

The Fox

"news" idiots I know wouldn't sit through anything by Jon Stewart, since he's been demonized by them too (for being correct, usually). Everything they think and say is just some regurgitated talking point they heard one of their pundit heroes make.....Even when those talking points are, as in this case, contradictory or hypocritical, they still think they're espousing an original 'thought', or one I haven't heard...And they think I'M nuts/stupid.

How does this have anything

How does this have anything to do with Romney and Obama being the same? How is it even debatable that a percentage of this country is dependent on government and is not going to vote for anyone who campaigns on lower government handouts(although I know he really won't do anything about it)? Why are we harping on this?

There are more important things we could be devoting our energy towards. Like QE3, Obama's failure to end the wars, sound money, personal liberty. I think we are wasting our time regurgitating the DNC's talking points for the Sunday morning pundit shows.

A much greater man than Jon

A much greater man than Jon Stewart gives his take on Romney's comments:


What is so egregious about

What is so egregious about this 47 % argument is that it completely ignores corporate welfare, big bank bailouts, and the very debt based system of our money, from which those with greatest access to lower interest money benefit.

That's a good point

The biggest welfare queens are not poor.

Just because it ignores

Just because it ignores another type of welfare we all oppose doesn't mean it is wrong. On its face it is right, incomplete but right.


Relax friend..We are addressing the issues that you pointed out. Just because someone posts a little comedy doesn't mean time is being wasted..

They might be the same in policy but as far as the campaign is concerned from what I have seen all Obama has to do is sit back and say nothing because Romney is burying himself every time he opens his mouth.

At the moment it matters little because the media is in overdrive mode making sure that Christians and Muslims are at each others throats. They just can't get enough chaos and what better way to take the attention off more draconian measures at home than to fuel the fire that's going to be the catalyst to the next terrorist event that turns the world upside down..Sweet timing right before an election..

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They are easy targets

because it is purposeful.

Same force controls both parties...will get the outcome it wants to get.

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