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Clint Eastwood: Republicans 'dumb' for asking him to speak

Think Clint Eastwood's empty-chair speech at the Republican National Convention was ill-advised? You're not alone: Eastwood himself thinks so, too.

The actor-director, 82, told Jerry Penacoli of "Extra" in an interview Monday that the GOP was "dumb" for inviting him to deliver his now-famous speech, during which he harangued President Obama at length in absentia.

"People loved it or hated it, and that's fine," Eastwood offered. "I figure if somebody's dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something, they're gonna have to take what they get."

Asked if he would deliver the speech if he had the chance to do so again, Eastwood said, "I never look backward. It's done and it's done. I probably would; I wouldn't be afraid of it."


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I was there in the stands when Clint Eastwood came out. What made him so great was that he was the ONLY MAN THAT SPOKE FROM THE HEART instead of reading what the establishment made everyone else read on the tele-prompter. He was so funny. I thought it was the highlight of the whole convention. I was getting so sappy sick hearing about how Romney puts a fresh flower on his wife's bedstand every night. what a bunch of bullshit! Do those speech writers really think that we believe that! Then out came Clint. Yes, he is old and his voice is weak now but he was SOOOOO COOL out on that stage doing his thing.

Love Eastwood

He is an example of a bygone era. They just don't make them like they used to.

I am glad they invited him to speak. Not his best moment but certainly one of the most interesting speakers of the week.

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They're also dumb for nominating Souter and Roberts to the supreme court, just to name a few.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Republicans are dumb for not nominating Dr Paul

Clint could stop being a derilict since he stood silent when Ron was running and endorse Johnson.

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I was there in the convention hall.

I listend to Clint.

I thought he was disgraceful. I have a mouth like a truck driver, but to insinuate that Obama told Romney to "Get Fucked!" was wrong. There is a certain dignity that goes with the bully pulpit. Clint could have really stood up for his views, if he REALLY supports them, by calling out the GOP for what they did to Ron Paul, the unseated delegates, & the heinous rules changes. If Clint didn't know about those things, then he's braindead. EVERYONE in that hall knew the crap that had gone down.

I think Pontius Pilate should have made an appearance & washed his hands. That would have been better than Clint.

Clint is a GIANT WEENIE COWARD for not standing up to Rancid Prepus & the rest of the GOP mafia.


This is the first time that i have ever been a delegate to a convention and what i found quite disturbing is THAT NOT ALL OF THE DELEGATES KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON! I know becaue I didn't know what was going on all of the time. A lot of delegates just go with the flow and let peer pressure determine how they vote. Quite a few are there for the fun and do not responsibly use the position. It's kind of scarey.

Who Knew?

I was on the floor as a voting delegate. At least half and maybe 3/4 of the voting delegates didn't know the real story about credential stripping in Maine. Many people were there to party and they did as they were instructed. I tried to talk to many people, and they didn't care to learn anything else. The exception was some of the principled Santorum delegates.

I laughed when Clint said we don't need another lawyer in the White House and the crowd cheered. I guess they didn't know both Obama and Romney went to Harvard Law School.

Oh, and those delegates

weren't there when the rules changes were shoved down our throats?


Yeah but,

Hilarity Harry's empty chair went truly viral. Can't buy that kind of PR.

I too am not impressed

by theatrics but then again he is an actor.

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When I First Viewed It, I thought to Myself, Romney Fuc#ked Up

I don't believe the Romney people, in retrospect, would have allowed him to go through it. I honestly think the skit made both candidates look bad.

I've always liked Clint Eastwood. He has libertarian leanings and he isn't a neocon, war monger..

"you want him to do what? He can't do that to himself..


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Love it. "I never look backward."

Asked if he would deliver the speech if he had the chance to do so again, Eastwood said, "I never look backward. It's done and it's done. I probably would; I wouldn't be afraid of it."

The GOP is dumb,

dumber and stupid for ostracizing the most active and intelligent faction in America today. Romney would now be over the top if he had shown insight, charity and gratitude to the Paul people.

I watched him when he was on.

It was a very pro-Libertarian conversation. Did not up the GOP cause at all. And if anyone got anything out of what he said, they can some up that what he said was both parties are the same now.


Libertarian In Name Only ... hey Clint: words are cheap. DO SOMETHING for liberty:

... withdraw your support for Mittens ( Goldmann Sachs ) Ormoney and just to stir up a nice little shitstorm endorse a write-in for Dr. Ron Paul.

Reminds me of Greenspan,

Reminds me of Greenspan, although not as bad of course


Clint has called himself a

Clint has called himself a Libertarian previously, but he never follows through with his claim. I wonder why he has never bridged that gap? Surely he's not concerned with appearances?

What about the silence from other celebs as well?

Unfortunately, these people are trapped working for the Hollywood Division of the Establishment and know full well what happens when you start talking Truth. You become a target of "character assassination" in all the tabloids and on shows like TMZ. Clint mentioning the word "Libertarian" at all is shocking enough. Had Ron Paul gotten the nomination (or if he still runs 3rd Party) then he would have had more outspoken celebrity support.

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This is how Hollywood works

There is no going back after reading this


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Yep, sorry Mr. Eastwood.

You had your chance to support libertarianism with Ron Paul. At least he's honest.

He should have endorsed Dr. Paul

if he sides with Libertarian philosophy.