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Fall Special!

Hey guys... I'm offering a fall special of 25% off your order when you purchase 3 or more of my following books:

Ritalin – The Darling Drug for America’s Little Ones
Chemtrail’s – The Pretty Lines in the Sky
Herd Mentality 101
Yum Yum GMO’s
Wars – Fun Ways to Kill and Waste Money
101 Ways to Pollute our Oceans
MSG in Me – I’m Lovin it!
Radiation – Who Cares!?
Fun Ways to Reduce Your IQ
Drones – Endless Spying The Fun Way
Why Americans Deserve Their Government
Uh Oh! I’m a Dumbo! – Waking Up in America
Talking with Idiots 101
Driving in Greenville – I Mean Hell
TSA – I’m Just Doing My Job…
Vaccination Nation – Chronic Diseases Made Easy
Endless Wars - The Christian Way
How To Pick Up Girls At Church
The Golden Rule... BOO!!!
How to be a Better Hypocrite - American Style

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How do I pick up girls at

How do I pick up girls at church?
And tell me about traffic in Greenville.

Southern Agrarian