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Romney is toast. Opportunity for us?

With this secret tape of Romney slipping out, it seems that he is pretty much toast. I wouldn't be surprised to see the margin between Obummer and Rmoney go up to double digits. Can the Republicans withdraw Romney and substitute someone else? Can this constitute an opportunity for Ron Paul?

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The part of me that suspects malice before incompetence thinks

that Obama is about to do something completely horrible that will cut into his polling numbers substantially. He needed a margin to work with.

They will find a way to somehow make these two stinkbombs neck-in-neck with each other.

Re: opportunity, I wish, but it would truly be unprecedented for Romney to be swapped out for anyone else at this point. And given the hostility we've seen the entire time from the rest of the GOP, I think if he did get replaced, it would be by a more bankster-friendly candidate like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie.