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Ron Paul’s Former National Press Secretary Defends Jack Hunter, Attacks Conspiracy Theorists

By James V. Barcia, Ron Paul’s Former National Press Secretary

Yesterday I learned of a new ragamuffin overreach: an instance when ragamuffins like 9/11 truthers and Bilderberg worry worts, or anarcho-(I don’t care what follows because this is stupid) types, do something inappropriate. Meaning, they d o something squarely inside their character.

Ragamuffins crawled out from that hole they have ‘Occupied’ for the past five years to ‘prairie dog’ in the hopes that they be seen, thereby injuring the Liberty movement because they’re so ridiculous. ‘We Are Change’ ragamuffins cornered my good friend Jack Hunter at LPAC 2012 and tried to get him to talk about their exceedingly dumb conspiracy theories, bringing more shame upon the Liberty movement.

If ‘We Are Change’ and their...
(Cont. @ http://libertychat.com/ron-pauls-national-press-secretary-de... )

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Just found this on the POS' facebook page

He goes on explaining how ragamuffins are tryint to fill the void of Benton a man he trusts and in so doing states the following:

"Monday morning quarterback Tom Wood$ lead you back into obscurity?!"

Please, no-one led us..we led ourselves so stop trying to take credit for what WE did and the fact is..Tom Wood's is part of the "WE" while you are nothing but a paid worker in the liberty movement..

Why are conspiracies ONLY

Why are conspiracies ONLY possible when committed by low grade crooks, but never powerful people in govt? I am so tired of this marginalization of sincere questions about what we are told is true by the establishment media. Governments have lied throughout history! Why is this one any different?


Is it possible to get a handout for those among us less credulous of authority so we can know what is acceptable to think, feel, and believe? I want to be an acceptably mainstream libertarian and/or Republican, but I just have a hard time believing lies and not investigating things. Please can someone look into this? I don't want to be a ragamuffin!

Just another POS neocon

Hell this guy was a speech writer to the Secretary of Labor and worked in Pataki's office..

They are no different then the likes of Glen Beck in trying to divert the liberty movement to their own agenda which of course supports the status quo one way or the other.

Thing is, 911 truth and all those ideas are a perfect litmus test for us liberty minded people. Those who try to stymie others from speaking their ideas are NOT part of the liberty movement and need to be thrown out with the garbage.

Ron Paul, eventhough he says he doesn't agree with some people out there, he would never tell them to shutup..because he understands what LIBERTY is and means.

Fuck Hunter and Fuck this little bald pig who wrote the letter trying to protect Hunter...

dumb is in perspective

I consider Jack Hunter a mini-hero and a great communicator. I have passed along his videos to others who are still in the dark in hopes of shedding light. In this issue he has with WAC I'm not following his rational so easily as he exclaims WAC's motives are "dumb" and "kooky". Whatever happened to the notion of "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"? Jack has not yet illustrated exactly how WAC harms the Liberty movement by merely asking unorthodox questions. I think the "War on Terror" is dumb and it's kind of kooky how a large building can fall straight down. I would rather Jack use his experience to point out how WAC could be more effective rather than coming across as dismissive towards fellow patriots.



Regardless of who you agree or disagree with, it looks like we're being PUNKED on this.

So far we have found no legitimate source for this James Barcia quote. I suggest everyone calm down till we found out of he really wrote this, which looks doubtful, or not.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

"It's there but it was posted 7 minutes ago.

From Tony M. posted earlier in this thread...

"It's there but

it was posted 7 minutes ago.

That is an hour after on the DP.

It seems a person cannot comment though, so it's a hit and run?"

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

The post is by Barcia on his fb.

It was posted 4 hours ago, so it is legit. He then put up another post sharing the Libety Chat post 3 hours later. So it is legit.

My fault on that, I am not that fb savvy.

I posted below under Granger on the minimal jist of the conversation.




He tagged 12 people in it

Who is "he" exactly? I don't

Who is "he" exactly? I don't do FB.

According to another DP member who posted below, it was linked on FB long after it was posted here on the DP. It looks to be a hoax.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Common tactics

Instead of actually making an argument to defend your position, you simply call people names.

"Racist!" "Truther!" "Ragamuffin!" "Paulbot!" "Leftist!" "Right Winger!"

Namecallers should never be confused with people who should be taken seriously.

RIGHT ON James V. Barcia

The Liberty from the rEVOLution Movement has attacked Benton, Tate, Hunter, Ron Paul, and now you, as they steal the message, and say they do it in honor of Ron Paul.

The other day in Bible Study we were learning about Mark 9:39 You are with us or against us.

Being the first time I heard this was from Bush, I didn't want to see things that way, so I found it rather interesting that as the Neocons leave the GOP to return to their party and support Obama, those who are against us are those who steal Ron Paul's message and divide the movement by attacking Ron Paul and his campaign, while promising to make votes that will default for the incumbant Obama, who has Bush's policy.

One is either with Ron Paul and the campaign, or not.


I have just finished a fb conversation with Barcia.

The division is clear.

I take it as, in jist,

Questions to those surrounded with Ron Paul's campaign that are not appropriate?? can be possibly considered as "deliberately destroying the work of Liberty activists and the Paul family" (to use language from James Barcia but not in context to my jist)

I have questions.

With Barcia's comment, I feel I have been stereotyped into a DHS category.

I wonder if Barcia did his Liberty movement activism for free, as I have for the last 5 years, or was he paid as Dr. Paul's press secretary.

This is just more disturbing information. And all this has affected me. In a sense, grassroots is out of the picture unless you conform to, what looks like, a established guideline on creativity??.

Meaning, if you create an event, and it doesn't conform to what would be accepted by the "our strategy is to get" standard issue GOP'rs, your event, those involved, will not be accepted as part of the Liberty Movement, and will be shunned??


So whatever event that you want to do, and has young people and music, is going to have to be constructed so it has tone and message that has a "pure" revolution personna as a whole. ??

So don't make mistakes. So now where are all the guidelines posted with all the do' and dont's of being involved in the Liberty Movement.

The division is clear and has been clear

Why do you think I joined the GOP? I LOVE RON PAUL. I BACK RON PAUL. Either you did what Ron Paul and the campaign asked, or sod off.. do what you want. Wave signs. Good luck with that. Steal Ron Paul's name.. steal his message.. go for it.. do whatever you think is going to set you free.. because I'm TELLING YOU

Ron Paul and the campaign did NOT lie. THEY ARE RIGHT ON! I am so grateful for them getting me off the streets! Man, I'm LOVING IT!!! LOVING IT!!!! I don't need Paul BS fest.. want to have fun? Go to a GOP committee meeting. Want TRUTH? Go to a GOP committee meeting. Want to help Ron Paul? go to a GOP committee meetings.

Want to waste our time.. wave signs and make money bombs for BS? Do what you want.

The line is drawn. Ron Paul is with us and we in the GOP on committees are with Ron Paul, and if you are NOT.. because you could go as a guest, I did for a year. You could.. you refuse.. then do what you want, but know this,, we are going to do what we want, because seriously, we want LIBERTY and we are going to get it, despite Romney, despite the RNC, despite the Neocons, despite Obama, and despite the Liberty from the rEVOLution movement.

tasmlab's picture

What's with the dig on anarchos?

Why take a jab at some of the good Dr.'s favorite people such as Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbards, Block, Woods, etc.?

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

What offends me

is his inclusion of anarcho-capitalists. Yes, I understand that it sounds a bit off to people outside the movement, but many anarcho-capitalists have been critical to Paul's success, not only in this campaign, but in previous campaigns and the movement's ideology. The moment that Jack Hunter and James Barcia call intellectual giants like Tom Woods and Walter Block "ridiculous" and "inappropriate" is the moment I lose all faith in these members of the campaign.

He said "anarcho-(I don’t

He said "anarcho-(I don’t care what follows because this is stupid) types"

Could mean many things. If it was specifically a dig at anarcho-capitalists then I'm sure he would have stated as such.

Jack is mad because...

Abby Martin of RT and Media Roots, who also worked with We are Change to interview Rand, made Jack look stupid on RT when interviewed regarding Rand's endorsement of Romney. Jack is a neocon, who thinks Rand is right to campaign for Romney, and they are true traitors to the liberty movement and have basically been the cause themselves, including Rand of splitting the liberty movement into divisive factions.

If it wasn't for all the crap these people had caused, the movement would have been far greater than it is now. So Jack blaming We are Change, is like the pot calling the kettle black. And that goes for James Barcia as well. The poll below the article shows that "We the people" are declaring independent thinking from you people claiming to be the voice of the liberty movement. The true liberty movement will not endorse or campaign for Mitt Romney. Nor hire neocons like yourself, Jack, Tate, or Jesse Benton to be their voice. Ron, time to disassociate from these clowns.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

You’re right - the true

You’re right - the true liberty movement won't, that's why Rand did it. I don't know why you're complaining - did you not hear or read rand's speech at the Values Voter summit? Yeah that sounded verrry neo-con...-__-

Also, I can pull up dozens of youtube videos of jack promoting....a non-interventionist foreign policy. Once again...not very neo-con.

Just because Jack is annoyed with some - apparently - very annoying people, shouldn't make you throw out the word "traitor" so carelessly. The same goes for Rand - is he or is he not the most pro-liberty Senator in the Senate? Please tell me who's better.

See Doug Weed/We are Change interview...

On how to respond to the questions. Asking questions about Bilderberg only brings these things out into the light, and exposes how criminal these people really are, and what their true agenda is. Most of it isn't just "theory" Mr. Barnia.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

We need to all slow down and make certain we're not being punked

We need to all slow down and make certain we're not being punked.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Yeah - this can't be real

Search for it on google and it appears on libertychat and some obscure blog that refers to libertychat.

Its BS.

Sometimes our energy and

Sometimes our energy and enthusiasm can be taken advantage of. We need to keep that in mind.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Oh never mind...

Oh never mind...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I don't know what has happened in the past

between We Are Change and the Paul campaign, but I'm a appreciative of their interviews and efforts. Especially the Doug Wead interview at outside the RNC in Tampa. I'm less than happy with the 2012 campaign's openness.

Yes, the campaign dug themselves a hole.

Folks want to know what is going on and the campaign doesn't like it.

They are making things worse.

I'm sick and tired of the

I'm sick and tired of the term "conspiracy theory"...unless it means the Warren Commission or 9-11 Commission ...because those commissions certainly are full of conspiracy theory!!!

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I agree 100% with Jack Hunter in his confrontation with WAC

There are 2 major factions of conspiracy theorists, so let me explain very clearly what they are and the differences between them. There is one group (who I consider myself a part of) asking important questions about important events that make no sense (WTC 7, Kennedy assassination, et cetera), and there is another faction MAKING UP ANSWERS TO THOSE EFFING QUESTIONS with no scientific or logical evidence. The latter is the group making a conspiracy out of EVERYTHING and all but ignoring the tyranny happining right out in the open on capital hill and in the Federal Reserve. This is the group that is driving people like Jack Hunter (and myself) nuts. A lot of rational people are taking offense by the comments of RPs campaign staff, but his criticism is not directed at them.

Alex Jones and WAC often ask important questions (which I appreciate), but they frequently sensationalize, make up scenarios, and use their interviews to extract the answers they want to hear. Often times Luke R. would be in a press conference where everyone else is dressed in suits wearing a baseball hat and jeans and asking about a secret Bilderberg conspiracy. What do the conspiracy theorists expect? A confession? Many of them probably don't even know what they are supposed to be confessing to because they aren't part of a huge conspiracy.This faction is asking the question but implying that they already know the answer. WHY OF COURSE BILDERBERG IS SECRETLY CONTROLLING THE PLANET WE JUST NEED A CONFESSION! Where is the evidence? There is none. (I'm talking about things like Bilderberg, not 9/11).

I saw this one time in an interview with Robert Gallo. He just slapped his head and told the conspiracy theorist to take a science class, but then still gave a rock solid explanation of why the conspiracy theory was ridiculous. And he was right to say that.

My eyes were really opened to the lunacy of many of the conspiracy nuts (not the question askers but the answerers) when people screamed MK-Ultra after every damn tragedy. They wouldn't even accept the possiblity that there isn't a massive conspiracy. It is like they KNOW there is a conspiracy despite having no evidence. It is like a game to find proof of the conclusion they already know instead of using scientific evidence to reach a conclusion.

To be very clear, I am not talking about 9/11. Extremely stupid conspiracy theories are often yoked to 9/11 even though it is completely irrelevent. 9/11 is mentioned multiple times in every thread about Jack Hunter even though it has nothing to do with 9/11. Legitimate questions about 9/11 don't mean that other conspiracy theories are irrelevant. The legitimacy of X doesn't legitimize Y,Z, and W.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

I perform critical thinking.

The term conspiracy theorist is too O'Reilly for Liberty folks.

Fundamental Flaw

"progress hardworking Liberty activists are making"?????????????

Hate to point out that we have entered an irreversible age of tyrrany that will resolve itself either as a ceremonial burning of the US constitution or a revolution on the streets to restore it. Labeling people conspiracy theorists is a tool of tyrrany and by playing along these 'hardworking Liberty activists' will inevitably fail because they falsely assume there is a democratic process left for them to win the war of ideas. And that is the fundamental flaw in their approach. The gatekeepers will allow libertarians to have a small voice so that they falsely believe there is still democracy and hope, but that can be shut down at any time and will be if that voice grows too big. Civil disobedience, boycotts, protests, music festivals and megaphones will win the day, not some suited politician speaking the same words as the rest of the establishment.