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Romney Campaign National Co-Chair quits...

... its Tim Pawlenty. How Exciting.


Only confirmed on DailyMail right now so could here more about this later today.
The ship keeps taking on water.

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He was probably holding out for a cush administration job

Pawlenty can see that's not going to happen in a Romney administration, so going with the bank lobby group is a good move for him.

Shuffling Along

At the RNC, Pawlenty was making the rounds of some of the state delegate breakfasts. He didn't seem super-enthused or memorable.

I was going to get my credentials one morning, and the regular credential room had people I didn't know. I asked if they had seen the credentials. A tall guy looked around and handed me a hunk of tin-looking stuff with a blue ribbon. I said that is not it and went to breakfast. A few minutes later, the tall guy spoke to us (Pawlenty) and introduced a SLC Olympian who passed around an Olympic silver medal.

While the timing looks bad, I guess the lobbyist job is a payoff to keep him on the Romney roster a little longer. Maybe he wanted to get off the ship right away.

Wow that is hilarious. Poor

Wow that is hilarious. Poor guy isn't even recognized at the RNC convention. Milquetoast is the theme of Romney's campaign.

Southern Agrarian

The real story is that he

The real story is that he stepped down to accept a job as a BANK LOBBYIST. No matter who wins, he will still be in DC begging for corporate welfare.

lol. True story?

Not that this would surprise me one bit if true.



ITs just part of the plan to get Obama elected.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Pawlenty's not stupid...

he knows it won't look good on his resume to be associated with a failed presidential campaign.

Too late for that....

how soon we forget that he RAN a failed presidential campaign this time around.

I don't play, I commission the league.

you would think he would have waited unitl after november

i didn't read more than half of it though.


not sure I care, but it is amusing--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--