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American Motorcycle Association

My husband is thinking about joining the AMA and I said well let me check them out on the web first. They have a motorcycling friends in Congress section, but RP is not on there. Seems to me that he is a perfect fit with the freedom loving motorcycling crowd. Here is the link:

then I found this article specifically mentioning RP on seat belts and helmet laws:

How can we get his name out to these people. They have a large membership. Does anyone belong to this? Do you like it?

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i dont get the biker thing either

I ride a bike, and I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on my rear fender. I have not seen any support from the biker community at all. You would think he would be the obvious choice and there would be Ron Paul rides every Saturday. Why aren't there? Bike rallies are LOUD and get attention going down the road. We need bikers for Ron Paul!

My brother is a Harley fan

Thanks for the "helmet and seat belt" link. I'm sending it to my brother who loves to ride.


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