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EU-Iran nuclear talks ‘useful and constructive,’

EU-Iran nuclear talks ‘useful and constructive,’

Iranian envoy reportsSaeed Jalili hopes his meeting with Catherine Ashton will ‘bring the common points closer together’

September 19, 2012, 4:53 pm

ISTANBUL (AP) — Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator on Wednesday reported progress in talks aimed at restarting negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear program, calling a meeting with European foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton a day earlier “positive and fruitful.”

Saeed Jalili offered few concrete details about Tuesday’s meeting with Ashton in Istanbul, but said the two had assessed some “common points” reached by technical teams looking into the issue and had discussed “what can be done for a new cooperation.”

“We discussed common points found by the experts and technical teams … so that they may be brought closer together and that a framework for future talks can be drawn,” Jalili said. “We hope (our) talks can help bring the common points closer together.”

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It will be interesting if

It will be interesting if they come to an agreement because that would throw a monkey wrench into US plans to invade.

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