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Krugman & the iPhone: Why the Times' Econ Icon Should Be Deleted from Discourse

Paul Krugman has done it again: From his lofty perch at The New York Times, the chief jester of the Keynesian court has wrapped a warped economic thesis in yet another comfortable quilt of misdirection.

Paul Krugman recently declared that the Apple iPhone—capitalists’ favorite example du jour of the power of free markets—somehow presents a compelling argument for higher government spending. I give him full credit for achieving new heights of audacity, though perhaps we’d all be similarly audacious if we found that, no matter what sort of dubious logic we publicly embraced, our societal stock only continued to rise. (Note to the mainstream media: Your de facto Economist Laureate has no clothes.)

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What's harder to fathom...Krugman's adherence to flawed economic theories...or the fact that the media continues to give him a platform from which to preach them?

While the networks often seek to present proponents of both sides of a political issue, they seem less prone to do that when economics are being discussed. Too often, they're content to invite Krugman alone, wowed by his Nobel Prize and not realizing that economics is a realm of "science" that's far more unsettled than, say, physics.