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Unleashing an Education Renaissance

Below is an excerpt from a recent article I wrote which I think is a slightly new take on the argument for school vouchers. The article contrasts a brainstorming event about education that my design studio sponsored with the recent Chicago teachers union strike. The point of the article is to show the powerful positive forces of invention and progress that would be unleashed if we abandoned the current top-down government run school system and replaced it with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Link to the full article is at the bottom. Please share with anyone you think may be interested. Thanks.

"The passion and excitement of the participants was immediately evident. It reminded me a lot of the thriving tech and entrepreneurial culture here in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Teams were (to use a stale, overused cliche) thinking outside the box. They were building off of each other’s ideas, smashing down existing paradigms and building whole new ones from scratch. They had no vested interests and few limitations from pre-conceived notions. They simply asked, “what are the possibilities for education?” And in six short hours, these twenty strangers had come up with numerous ideas that were vastly superior to our current system.

The whole experience just reinforced my belief that there is no shortage of extremely intelligent, creative, dedicated, hard-working, conscientious people trying to solve the problems we face with education in America. And while new to me, apparently many of these ideas from the Protothon (and many other great ideas) have been floating around education circles for years. So why is our education system in such a sorry state?

The answer was staring at me when I opened my internet homepage to the lead story of the Chicago public teachers union strike. The contrast could not have been any more stark. The strike highlights the antagonistic nature of our current public schools system, pitting teachers’ union against the Mayor and taxpayers, with the children as collateral damage."

The full post is at: http://libertyinsight.com/2012/09/19/unleashing-an-education...