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The Write-In campaign

Not every state allows a write-in vote, and those that do don't even bother counting them. If you want to show your distaste for what has happened either abstain from the presidential vote on the ballot or vote for someone who is a third party candidate.

We should all decide what we should do as a group, and a write-in is not an option because some states don't allow them, thus excluding some people. If we want an idea of how we are going to impact the election we need a strategy that can include everyone, otherwise we are being just as divisive as the other two campaigns.

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I will support any candidate

I will support any candidate endorsed by Dr. Paul. I hope the rest of the liberty community follows suit. We have already had a great impact in this country and around the world. I only hope to show that we can act in unison when the time is ripe. This is the one chance we get to really see our numbers. Oooops! I forgot. Those votes will be counted on machines, therefore, we really never will know what impact we have at the ballot box. Perhaps it is more important that we continue to educate our neighbors about foreign policy and sound money. As long as the moneychangers control the ballot box, our will is stymied.

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

The only wasted vote is

The only wasted vote is voting for one you don't believe in.