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"To All Of My Fellow Neocons"

To all of my fellow NEOCONS. Stand fast, this is how we will WIN!

1. MSM has followed our instructions to keep RP out of the media.

2. At state conventions, do whatever is necessary. Break fingers, dislocate a hip, lock doors, strip credentials, etc. Do whatever you have to do!

3. Call those crazy people 'radicals'. Nothing too derogatory though. Just enough to give them a bad name. Robots, Paulbots, loons, whatever.

4. Keep them on the bus. Do whatever it takes. Do not let them off! We have business during Convention and we DON'T want them to be part of it!!

5. No matter how loud they are, we shove them into the nosebleed section so nobody will hear them.

6. Don't worry about the teleprompter. We have pre-scripted the entire plot.

7. We will change the rules to suit ourselves that will carry over to 2016 and beyond. Don't worry about "The People". They have short, dull memories and will go with the flow after all has been said and done.

8. Ron Paul and his followers will seem insignificant. They are but a small bunch of loyalist who will quickly be forgotten.

Now for the easy part:

1. MSM will post some articles about how Ron Paul and his followers were wronged. We will appear to be regretful, we have already designated some to hang their heads in shame.

2. Reach out and ask RP supporters for their votes. They are after all, 'Republicans' just like us. Well, not like us at all, but to the typical American voters, lol.

3. We will ask a few from our club to leave or walk away...temporarily. It will appear to the RP supporters that there is disgust within the GOP and that there is still hope. The RP people will have sympathy, want to advance their message, and will give in to us and the party.

4. Once we have enough of the Ron Paul folks come to our side, they will vote for our candidate, mitt romney. Don't worry though, after Novemeber, we will kick those crack-pot fanatics to the curb again, just like we did in 2008.

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Pretty accurate


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Neocons must be out tonight.

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