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Banned from GLP? Here's the fix. :)

It doesn't take much...
to get banned from GLP.
In fact... it doesn't take anything at all. :)

I enjoy the site FWIW...
but it basically wants to 'extract' $10 from you
using the 'banned' extortion technique.
It pissed me off.

I tried TOR... nice program...
it doesn't work on GLP.
Tried a few other IP address contortions
it was a futile exercise.

a simple fix worked.
Use Google translate...
If you need better instructions let me know.

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Why GLP?

Because it's one of the best collaborative, breaking news sites
on the web.
Love the site.
Hate the 'owners'.

The translate fix works beautifully.
You can only lurk... but I rarely posted there anyway.

Here's a current forum sample:

US ships 50 miles from Iran

US EMBASSY IN PAKISTAN UNDER SIEGE. Protests spread to Sri Lanka, Indonesia

Emergency Message for US Citizens in Australia! Beware anti-American protests!!!

Obama Snubbed Netanyahu, Now Refuses Meeting With Defense Minister Barak Next Week In NY... Israel Strike On Iran Imminent!!!

Obama Changes Tune - Now labels Embassy Attack as Terrorist - led by Gitmo Detainee!

BREAKING!! Japan deploys ALMOST ALL THEIR SHIPS in the East China Sea to confront China!

Cop Goes To The Wrong House to Investigate Ladder Theft and Blows Away Man's German Shepard

In the US, Who's Hiring?

The Spiraling Pattern Manifest in All

Who thinks Obama has orchestrated or allowed this latest middle east crisis to help his re-election chances? [Poll]

Muslim Cleric Discovers The Effects Of PMS... he gets the beat down of his life

Iran Pouring Troops into Syria & Lebanon - Prepping to Target Israel! US Intel warns "Iranian Quds Force Threatens Homeland!!"

New York Restaurants Starting To Demand 30% Tip

Probe launched into Polish priest who gets young children to lick whipped cream off his knee

BREAKING: Barack Hussein Obama to Release Blind Shiek

YARD SALE FOR OBAMA..Sell all your property and give him the money--Disgusting

America Cracking Down on Home Bible Studies as Florida Family Faces $250 per Day Fine

Troubles with the negotiations between Greece and Troika

Alert!! Sinkhole blackout, officials tell media to censor resident meeting!!!!

Source: Slain ambassador Stevens said he was on al Qaeda hit list
Wow, Wow, Wow... Pro-Israel ads suggesting Muslims are 'savage' set to arrive in NY subways next week

Porn interrupts Dish TV's Network airing of 'Lilo and Stitch'

BREAKING: Air strike on Syrian gas station kills 54

The market shakeout should start pretty soon ! Gonna Tank all scripted of course !

The Shit is Hitting the Fan in Southern BRAZIL and it's going to get WORSE!!

Jordan Asks YouTube to Remove Anti-Islam Video Clips

JUST-IN: Bank of America to Slash 16,000 Jobs!

Abbott & Costello Take on the Real Unemployment Rate

Is monsanto fighting back?

How do you feel about giving the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 BILLION? You paid it from your pocket!

Impending World Economic Collapse: A Recession Is Virtually Certain And May Morph Into A 1930's-Style Depression

US warned Israeli officials that an attack on Iran will likely cause Egypt and Jordan to annul their peace agreements with Israel.

What is GLP?



sorry... thought it was pretty popular here.