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A New Mexican Ron Paul Republican defends Gary Johnson


Gary says he will sign legislation to end the fed. I asked him the same question 2 years ago in Santa Fe at the opening of the Roundhouse and he told me than he would sign legislation to end the fed. Gary is pro-choice I do not like that but as POTUS he would do exactly what Dr Paul would do. Make it a states rights issue thereby overthrowing roe vs wade and allowing states to criminalize roe vs wade. It would also allow states that rule the other way to do so. I only want people to vote not romney. Gary was my Governor so I do have a soft spot for him but only because he also was referred to as "Mr Veto" in New Mexico, his principled stand on marijuana laws, which btw cost him politically but he still did it, Gary's stand for competing currencies. Gary is a unique individual but I do like to think we in New Mexico have a combination of conservative principle,fierce western individualism, and an open mindedness that vigilantly seeks truth.We gave Gary to you in many ways. Criticize him when he is wrong but please recognize just like Dr Paul he is human and make mistakes but he is solidly a Liberty candidate and I hope he keeps running for offices as he will be a intense force for good in our nation

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