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Josh Tolley: GCN Host Sponsors Presidential Debate, October 23rd, Chicago, IL

By Josh Tolley
GCN Live.com

During the Republican primary we witnessed twenty debates between those seeking the party’s nomination.

As we rapidly head toward November 6th we are going to be witnessing another series of debates. Debates that will once again show us, just like the twenty we have already witnessed, that the real issues will be glossed over and the only ‘solutions’ being discussed during the debate will be for problems the politicians want to make you care about.

Now that both of the major parties have had their conventions and the establishment seems to be set with their candidates, there is an empty feeling in the political soul of this nation. The people are getting fed up with Democrats that promise one thing and then do another and Republicans who promise one thing and then don’t seem to do anything at all. While it still remains true that these two parties have a choke hold on political discussion in this nation, the breath of freedom is whispering its appeal for an alternative.

After the deplorable actions carried out in front of a national audience by both parties this year, it became obvious to me, that the people and the politicians who truly want to represent the people will be silenced in a manipulative process where freedom is not welcome and the Constitution is little more than a talking point. For goodness sake, it has been exposed that Romney was behind the unforgivable and un-American actions we witnessed in Maine and now in Iowa. Both parties scripted their voting process as caught by television cameras and even the media was covering their sin with stories like “Democrats boo God.” While I am not a fan of the Democrat party and while I do believe there is a God, a mature adult who watched the events would realize that nobody was booing God, they were booing the fact that their party did not want to follow the rules it had established. Nor did they want to hear the voice of the people who made up that party as the vote continued to be ignored from what was supposed to be, a leader of the people.

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I'm still a r3publican

But still planning on a 3rd party protest vote! Will be interesting to see if Goode comes off as the hack his voting record shows him to be in this debate.

I am!

Please promote great liberty media!

We need young liberty voices that have an audience size to compete with the likes of a Rush Limbaugh on radio and a Paul Krugman when it comes to editorialists.

Josh Tolley and Robin Koerner have been there for us, let's be there for them!

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(Robin is also a sponsor of this event:)

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