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Interposition could step in between tyrant and victim.

What to do....

Many of us on this site struggle with election decisions and mourn over the usurpation of freedom by our government. We shake our heads at the hearts and thoughts of those who do not understand. Corruption hampers the recovery of our economy, government and has also infiltrated our election process which disables us from setting things right again. It frustrates us to a point of higher blood pressure and anger when we see in Tampa the other side chiding us for our stances against corruption which they refuse to acknowledge or can not even discern. Conniving and compromising in our own ranks of the campaign makes many wonder who's being deceived and undermining the efforts. Of course the media maybe the most blatantly corrupt of all and who can deal with their power and influence upon the people.

Many ongoing solutions have been thought of such as taking over a major party, supporting a third party (this'll teach'em), not voting at all (this'll really teach'em), teaching liberty through politics, blogging, writing our congressmen, rallies, protests or even violence. Some of these are ongoing and will continue for even a longer time and to what end? For example, there are many third parties and I've been a part of one for nearly 20 years with very little to no success. I too thought we're at least teaching them with our issues and positions. These efforts are not life changing enough it appears to me, many hear and walk onward with no thought of patronage or heart ties to liberty. The worldly things, as long as they're there, are powerful forces distracting a majority from the important issues in life. Others are concerned only with the money.

So, where does this leave us freedom lovers who see a country diminishing in standards, prosperity, wealth, stability and freedom? We need to first recognize what the problem truly is, corruption is sin. I know, some or even many of us here don't subscribe to this definition but "we the people" denying it is the root of the problem. Our belief is what forms our politics. Our founding fathers looked towards their churches for guidance on these heart issues.

There is that tactic tried in the past and successful in many areas, it's called "Interposition of the Lesser Magistrates". It is that stepping in the gap between an oppressor and his intended victim. When it occurs the people should understand and reciprocate via supporting and protecting that magistrate (i.e. Ron Paul) and it has occurred in history. This does work unless the people are no longer virtuous. There are many examples of success in history, sadly many more examples exist of the corruption. "There would NOT have been a successful Declaration of Independence without Christianity with out the faith of our lesser magistrates of that era." - Rev Sedlak, "Interposition and the War for Independence: The Revolt of the Lesser Magistrate"

How many have read of the sermons from that era of independence? Many who stirred the hearts of the men were called the Black Regiment. They taught and preached and many believed that the following is true. "No man, therefore, can be a good member of the community that is not as zealous to oppose tyranny as he is ready to obey magistracy..." - Rev. Samual West

Lawfully interposing oneself as a lesser magistrate in between the oppressor and victim is a possible solution against tyrants. The magistrate has the power given to them to step in, an action occurring many times during our lifetimes. Please read about this idea of the Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate at the URL below. http://visionviewpoint.com/blog/?p=261 .

The solution is not a Jesse Ventura in 2016 nor an older Ron Paul (bless his heart) in 2016. The solution must be that the hearts of the people be turned, for we have become a corrupt nation fallen far away from what was virtuous and right. Thus, the solution is in our churches as sad of a state they are mostly in, this too appears a distant recovery. We as a people need to repent or our sins(corruption). Those of us here non-churched, or desire not the church, should see that the freedoms of this country were first thought of and protected by the principles of Christianity.

Again, please take the time to read the Interposition article and download the document here.


Have a blessed day

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