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MODS - Please put S 202 thread as a STICKY on front page.

Could this please be a STICKY on the front page?

S 202 is getting traction and this thread gets buried and forgotten.




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Wasnt it stickied like 12 hours ago?

And now I look it is not even on the front page, I could be wrong, I just woke up.

Bump and sticky for

Bump and sticky for chriminy's sake!

This is important and urgent



why will you not sticky this thread to the front page?

6 days ago I asked and it was put on the front page and it was not a 'sticky' so it got buried.

Why will not any of the MODS do it? I don't get it.

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big ol ditto

big ol ditto!!!

**********IMPORTANT********** BUMPING!

This is mission critical!!

End the Fed!



Ron Paul is My President


This is an important one!

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