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One Year Ago Ron Paul Warned of a 'Gulf of Tonkin' Type Incident with Iran

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World Record!

After reading "A Foreign Policy of Freedom" my immediate thought was, he must own the world record for being able to say I told you so, and not doing so. He would be able to say it hundreds of times.

The biggest shame is that, they never listen!!!

"If the message is Liberty, promote it shamelessly!"

A Foriegn Policy of Freedom

If you will read Dr. Pauls book you will quickly realize he has been predicting outcomes for more than 30 years. We just haven't listened. He just made legislative predictions for 2008. Anyone want to bet against him?

you know we bicker over some silly stuff on this board but ....

one thing we can agree on: Ron Paul is a GREAT MAN.

and a brilliant man to boot.

Bush Fabricated Iranian boat incident???

newly declassified documents have revealed that the Johnson
administration faked the Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the
war in Vietnam, to provide a pretext for increased bombing and
increased troops there.

seems very possible that indeed the Pentagon did splice into the
recording, the audio recording of the incident, the two bits of
messages from a mysterious voice in a way that made it appear to
occur in response to the initial communication from the US ship to
the Iranian boats. And it seems very possible that, in fact, those
voices came at some other point during this twenty-minute
incident. So this is something that really deserves to be
scrutinized and, in fact, investigated by Congress, because of the
significance, in the larger sense, of a potential major
fabrication of evidence in order to make a political point by the
Bush administration.


For those who may not know what the Gulf Of Tonkin thing was

For those who may not know what the Gulf Of Tonkin thing was about, and how it pertains to Iran today, here is a link to read about it at Wikipedia

Read his book!

There are so many things he has been right about and warned about that came true. Phropecy is simply seeing what is going on today with open eyes. Nothing supernatural about it.

The others and the american people are asleep.

Almost the exact same date, on year earlier

Yeah I noticed that last Friday.

I had to call a few people to explain the odds of specifically calling that shot exactly one year ago.

Makes you wonder, how he knew.

What's also odd, is that not only did the war boat have cameras, but the Iranian speed was also carrying cameras.

I think the Iranians knew that they needed to fully document how they handles the us boats.

1988 interview with Ron Paul - social security is bankrupt.

Insightful interview in 1988 that Ron Paul made in his presidential run.


another dimension

Ron Paul is in a whole other dimension when compared to the rest of the idiot pocket padders in DC.....and especially the rest of the embarassing retards running for pres.! They're appalling!

It's not that Ron is a

It's not that Ron is a prophet, it's just that THEY are so predictable.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Right again...

and I can't believe that when this speech was given I had NO IDEA who Ron Paul was.

When I think about it I find it amazing that he has served so long and been so unknown to all of us. I almost feel ashamed. Thank God that he kept up the good fight, year after year, for ALL OF US, even when we had no idea.

I hope that no matter what happens in this election WE NEVER FORGET what Ron Paul has done for all of us all of these years. He really is an honest to goodness hero. "Mr Smith Goes To Washington" ain't got nothing on Dr Paul.

"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge

Ron Paul is

A modern day Prophet..

very important!

very important!

keep going!

keep going!