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Have any of you gotten Zombie's latest donation phone shill?

I got this recorded call this morning, with the most obnoxious, used car salesman kind of message, yelling at me as to why I needed to donate to Zombie, and how if I ONLY gave as little as $3, I'd get a free bumper sticker!

I pushed 1. to donate so I'd get to talk to someone & I told them that that was the WORST robo call I'd ever gotten & for Zombie to pay for his own campaign, as I'd been a delegate at the national convention & never felt so ripped off in my life.

That ended the phone call, but I'm just wondering if he's trying this call nationally? It's plain AWFUL!

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I've gotten the phone calls

I've gotten the phone calls from the peons in his campaign asking for money and I stop them when they talk about Romney being the republican candidate and go into constitutional beat down mode.

The pre-paid business envelopes they send are a gift from God as well.
I sent one in today with a note that said:
"Here's a real president."
and dropped a quarter in the envelope and mailed it.

Southern Agrarian

I think he's just going through the motions...

no intention of actually winning.

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