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Video - Ron Paul on Cavuto 9/20/12: Foreign Aid Leads to More Trouble

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Start Permaculture before it is too late.

Save silver, gold, platinum,

buy land... grow permaculture, zoned for agriculture, and hope to God HUD's new "sustainable program" in conjunction with QE3 doesnt come for you

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Excellent reply by Dr Paul

1. Dr Paul made a lot of sense (as usual).

2. Again, he stress the fact that the American foreign policy has always been Israel first rather than America first.

3. Another good point he made was this notion that if we dont do something then the. Take for example the Chinese. In their 5000 years of history, China never once came and conqure the rich land of Southeast Asia. However, Europeans sailed thousands of miles to do just that. By the end of the 19th century, not a single Southeast Asian country (except Thailand but that can be argued) were free.

4. America should stop policing the world and putting their nose where it does not belong. You cannot win true friends by bribing people.

Now that Paul's getting interviews weekly..

and now that MORE of his predicted consequences are coming true, Republicans are wondering why the hell this Romney guy is their nominee. The GOP base is going to be awfully sore with their party after November.

I'm not sure why Dr Paul

I'm not sure why Dr Paul would bother appearing on FOX at all. It's obvious that the neoconservatives are not interested in common sense. Look what they did to the good Doctor. I wouldn't waste my breath on those degenerates that watch FOX.

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Cavuto turned into a shill

there was a time when Neil Cavuto seemed very friendly to Dr. Paul and to his positions...that all changed back at some point early in primary season when Cain and Perry were still "viable candidates" and it kinda makes me sad to see how fake people can become. I don't have cable and hardly ever watch TV, but the clips I've seen of his show really look like FOX has made Neil into a full on Republican koolaid drinker.

cavuto is a shill, i voted

cavuto is a shill, i voted you back up ,but no matter how many romney lovers vote you and us down. romney will still lose nov 6th. he has already lost.

Ron Paul 2016

Fox News is a propaganda outfit just like CNN

1. Cavuto from Fox is a shill just like that former AIPAC guy Wolf Blitzer from CNN.

2. However, I believe there is more good than harm for Ron Paul to continue to speak out and accept the interviews by the MSM no matter how corrupt they are.

All the stuff that is

All the stuff that is happening in the middle east now is just proof that Ron Paul has been right all these years. The american people want to end foreign aid now and they should vote out of office anyone who votes to continue it.

smh Neil

"The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it."

Dr. Paul you are

simply awesome.

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Bump - good interview Ron

Bump - good interview

Ron Paul's style is very effective. "I just don't think we can [buy friendship]."

Neil to RP - Are there some over there that just hate us??

This is just re-wording "They hate us because we are free". Ben Swann would never ask such a stupid question. RP was right on, again.

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it would be really great to see and hear ben swann...

interview the good doctor!

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Replace with Paul/Woods


we have an election, folks!

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Yup, heard that too

Ron knows who he's talking to. It's not just Cavuto, it's FOX! The MSM talking heads love to use that word, "...they hate us" but never directly ask why they hate us.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

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Everyone wants to hear this "crazy old kooks" opinion on foreign aid now? Cool!

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