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The Libertarian Party stands for...

Today I came across this powerful comment-statement on the internet and wanted to share with you.

What the Libertarian Party stands for is an America that does not kill its own citizens and their 16 year old children without any form of due process.

The Libertarian Party stands for not invading nations and killing civilians when no threat to us exists.

The Libertarian Party stands for minding our own business in international affairs, and ending the ridiculous belief in American Exceptionalism that has turned our citizens into imperialistic, bloodthirsty morons.

The Libertarian Party is not bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby.

The Libertarian Party stands for ending the Patriot Act, the TSA, Warrantless Wiretaps, FISA courts, the NDAA, Gitmo and every other vehicle that the Feds have used post 9-11 to eviscerate what was left of the 4th Amendment.

The Libertarian Party rejects the concept of a Unitary Executive.

The Libertarian Party stands for ending the criminal War on Drugs, which has imprisoned millions of Americans for non-violent, victimless crimes.

All these things the Libertarian Party stands for are issues that progressives once attached themselves too. However, Democrats have continually supported Obama's expansion of Bush-era policies without so much as a peep. When you actually analyze much of President Obama's policy in the fields of civil liberties and foreign policy, you see a record closer to Bill Kristol and Dick Cheney than anything that could be remotely deemed progressive. So continue to fool yourself into thinking Romney and Obama are any different, because they aren't.