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WHY In the World are They Spraying? (new chemtrail doc)

from the same guys that did What in the World are They Spraying


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I saw the ChemTrail Plane in Houston Yesterday

They do it in broad daylight now. The Chemtrail 747 was flying over Houston yesterday with its big White and Black Chem tank on top. The Chemtank is aerodynamic and has its own black wings.

It was headed west so California should look out for it on Friday.

there is nothing more

there is nothing more important than this. screw inflation. we need to eat.

Weird...yesterday we noticed Chemtrails

We called the TV weatherman and he knows about them.....I saw 3 trails today.....1 was a contrail because it evaporated in a few minutes...had to have been an airliner.....but the 2 other trails were wider and thicker and never evaporated or faded for hours.....Weatherman is concerned and checking with State representatives.

I agree THIS is the scariest thing yet.....take our money...take control....but there is no other planet if they ruin our atmosphere.....and here in MONTANA we haven't had rain in several MONTHS.....and THAT is SCARRY..?and the Yellowstone river is the lowest we've ever seen it EVER!