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To the visiting Romney supporters wondering what we are doing and why.

The strategy is simple and ongoing. We will continue to take the party over at the ground level. We will replace the Neo-Con hand picks over time...all the while watching this great country crumble further...and the pain meter rise.

It is the only thing we can do as we have been screaming our warnings from the ramparts only to see our warnings fall on so many deaf ears. And thus far we have been successful...to a degree...just not enough for this cycle. Most of you who had no part in this cycle, other than showing up on primary day, have no conception of the amount of fraud that is happening within the system. Sadly, if not frighteningly, you have been led to think that there was a clear majority for Romney, that he won fairly and squarely...because that's what the news shows told you.

We KNOW different because we have been in the trenches...some of us for years now. We have seen the voting algorithms and blatant anomalies in state after state. We have experienced the subterfuge, and in many cases filmed and posted it for your perusal.

Understand that we are not a bunch of high schoolers in our mother's basement. We are legion.( edit:legion means "There's a bunch of us" and my use of it intends no Biblical or Hollywood connections...I just like it. ) Many of us are old farts, many are young, but we are all irate at the level of corruption we see and the only way you'll find out how many of us there are is by seeing the margin of loss that Romney will now realize. It is then that you will understand that a full 30%+ of the GOP's active base has jumped the reservation and is now taken up defensive positions in the insurrection mountains and will be fighting for your rights and independence...whether you like it or not.

We have been cheated, defrauded and even assaulted through the last 8 years and still we fight back. What we will never do is lend credence to our abusers by enabling them further. We are not beaten wives, frightened of the prospect of of being on our own, destitute and forlorn, with mountainous obstacles placed before us to deter any thought of independence. We are the beaten wives that have finally said "no more" and we are ready to brave the shelters that we know will be a far cry from the creature comforts that will be allowed us by complying...and thereby allowing more punches to the face and a slow sinking to the floor. We'll take the knockdown now thank you very much...just don't expect us to stay on the ground because we're fighting mad and we are sure in our identification of the enemies (those pulling the guide strings of the party)...even if you are not.

We are ready for the hardships ahead and look forward to starting anew...with even more irate Americans at our shoulders...as it is apparent to us that too many are still asleep and need the pinch of the vise grip that we have put our fingers into to awaken to our plight. Even Romney's dubious 47% will awaken once their purchasing power has been usurped to the degree that entitlements will no longer sustain them. They will wail and protest, but they will come to realize that their train drove off the bridge as it entered into town.

Personal responsibility will no longer be a foreign ideal to Americans...as Europe will be placed in the same tentitive position by the debt monsters that we have allowed to control us. It will be up to us to keep pointing the finger of blame at the deserving parties...the same ones who will be trying to sell us their collectivist solutions to the collectivist problems they have purposely created.

This whole thing will come off its wheels soon and it doesn't matter who is president for the collapse of our economy is chiseled in stone...a chisel held by the Republican establishment....hit by a hammer swung by the Democrat establishment...all directed by international bankers and globalists...the very conspiracy that you continue to deny.

What we don't have is control of the propaganda machine that has you firmly in its grips..the very machine needed to turn this ship of state from its course as so many of our fellow citizens are still mesmerized by the mind controllers and lost in the two party-one agenda paradigm of the last 100 years. The only avenue to re-establishing control over the flow of information is for you to suffer enough that you too will finally be able to see the fat men behind the curtain, pull it back, yank them from their perches and beat them senseless...certainly to a point wherein their lies will simply ooze onto the floor...out of reach to your ears.

Change will only come from chaos...and its chaos that our fellow Republicans want by forcing, Romney on us...so we're about to hand it to them in spades. And BTW, I am NOT a Libertarian (well maybe now I am). I voted straight Republican in every horse race of last 38 years. I am simply aware now...far more than I was 8 years ago. What I will not do is place a vote that will allow for the possibility eight more years of this crap when I can most assuredly limit it to four...before we once again get the chance to wrestle this bull to the ground, yank out its horns and rip off its testicles.

You should have listened to the voices of the very people we send to die in far off lands for Ron Paul received more money from them than all of the other candidates, including Obama...added together. But you didn't. Instead you listened to the talking heads blathering in your ears about Sharia Law and World Caliphates...as if houses stocked with semi-automatic weapons and deer rifles would never stand against the invading hoards of Muslims...Muslims who want no part of our ways.

Those of you who call yourselves conservatives, who claim that we are "Blame America Firsters", I recommend that you view Robert Pape's presentation of his Pentagon funded study on suicide terrorism. It is quite revealing if not down right surprising...although the past head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit, Michael Scheuer, probably wouldn't be surprised. Actions have consequences...and it is imperative that we examine the "actions" that emanate from our shores under a meme colored flag.

Then, just to hammer the information home, rent Swayze and Sheen's "Red Dawn" for a proper perspective on the values engendered abroad as a result of our current activities on behalf of "Our National Interests".

As to those "interests" and most importantly, if you are an American in support of our current foreign policy, and you want my support for the continued meddling in the affairs of others by once again lending my support to a "conservative" candidate of your definition, and if you truly believe that it is good and right to play the belligerent around the world, please answer this:

What "interests" do you currently (and personally) have in the Middle East that would require that I sacrifice the life-blood of my son to protect them? Understanding that I love my son more than life itself, please understand that you will need your "A" game on this one as I will need to understand that the importance that you see, truly "is" worth more to me and others, than his life. Let's start with your top 4 reason's (interests) that would have you lay claim on my son's life...



So many of you are all still asleep and though you attack us, vilify us and try and blame your intellectual failures on us, we are returning your ire with love...tough love. Now get to your rooms and think about what you've done.

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...and given that there are numerous people of like mind fighting back against the tide of corruption within the GOP...we have picked up a few dicks along the way...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

It matters who is president

Obama doesn't deserve to win because Hillary does not deserve another four years pulling his strings.

While Romney doesn't deserve to win, at least Hillary is not pulling his strings, Ron Paul RepubliCANs, Oath Keepers, Tea Partiers, Palin Earthquakers would LOVE to make history and hold Romney to the Constitution.

This mad drive to a NWO needs to stop and Obama won't stop it, but the people who Romney was forced on need that chance.

Give it to us.

What makes you think Romney will listen?

What if doesn't? What will your central committee do? What perceived power do you have over Romney or even Ryan?

It's important to get involved in your local GOP to fill the empty seats with Liberty Movement folks so that we can continue to Purge the GOP of the Neocon/Romney/Ryan/Establishment Virus. We also need to support Liberty Candidates anywhere they are running (Doesn't always mean they are GOP by the way).

You keep saying Ron asked us to get involved, which is true. Did he also ask you to verbally assault anyone who disagrees with you that Romney is the best choice for President?

If you believe that Romney is the best choice, then that's on you. Good Job, go support your man. For those that don't there are other choices...

I personally will never back Romney as I think he is infinitely more dangerous to our movement and everything we've worked to achieve than Obama. I believe that Romney and Ryan along with most in the Establishment GOP truly Hate our movement and everything we stand for. Therefore my vote can never go to support the disgrace that has occurred this entire election cycle by Romney or the GOP.

I will however continue to support my local Liberty Movement candidates and get involved in my local GOP in Long Beach, CA to continue the purge of the Neocon Virus from GOP and hopefully America. I'm sure many others here will do the same in their local areas.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

What if he doesn't?

My committee only represents one county, and it's a very special county, so if the only committee he refuses to listen in my county, then I imagine he won't do anything.

It is my understanding that my county is not alone in having Ron Paul RepubliCANs seated as memebrs, and they are aloso enjoying the new committee members from the tea patry, oath keepers and Palin's Earthquake who are all wanting to get back to the constitution.. So I don't believe my committee is alone by a long shot.

I also don't think CA is alone in having Ron Paul Republicans, oath keepers, Palin Earthquakers and Tea Patriers seated as members.

We have allready been voting NO to unconstitutional laws. Romney is flip flopping to represent us, since it appears, many of the Neocons are leaving, perhaps they fear that we will hold them to the loyalty oath they took as they held us, and since they like Obama.. or maybe they're just not liking the fact GOP committees are growing with new people who care about rules and the constitution.

I would think there would be a rebellion within the GOP if Romney was to decide to become a dictator, and I would imagine it would be most vocal among the aoth keepers and tea party with Palin Earthquakers being careful as they are only seated to become her delegates in 2016. I would not be surprized if there was a movement to have him impeached since many prefer Ryan.

I would hope that Romney would represent the body of the GOP, but I would also enjoy seeing that rebellion in the GOP if he did not.

As for the other candidates who are not Republicans.. I have no intention to back them. My intention is to jam the GOP ballot with liberty candidates so yours would be running against my own liberty candidates, which is fine. I'm going to support my own.

Voting no to unconstitutional laws?

What does that mean exactly? The unconstitutional laws that Romney would sign would be passed by the neocons in Congress, and they won't be asking for your approval first. You're not in the California legislature, so you're not voting no on unconstitutional laws there either. So in what sense does your committee vote on "laws"?

How it works

The GOP is set up like this:
Registered voters
Elected/appointed committee members in every town/county
Elected/appointed committee members in every state
Elected /appointed committee members in the National RNC

Everyone can write resolutions, illiatives and address the platform on each level, and seek to make them legislation as acts or bills.

From each level the resolutions, inniatives and platform go up, the chain and then back down the chain. As it goes up, it is debated and voted on, and as it comes down it is debated and voted on.

In the meantime what you want is a representative to pick it up and make it a legislation as an act or a bill, for your town, county, the state or even national.

As resolutions climb, the committees debate and vote. If it's county or state, the committee has the power to put it on a local ballot.

If it's state, the state committee has the power to put it on the ballot as a recommendation, and then they need a congressman or lobbiest to take it on.

When it's the national level, involving several states, they debate, vote, and pass it back down so the states have a look at what was said, they give recommendations and it get passed down to town/county committees who debate the recommendations and then vote.

When we vote NO to something that has been recommended, that means we will not help it on our ballot. We kill it, and we let the state know, as it gets sent back up, what we voted YES and NO. When you have a number of counties voting NO, then the state gets the message, it's not going to fly.

Just before the national convention, the states have a second convention where they debate and vote on the inniatives, resolution and platform. They sent those back to the county committees, and we voted NO on all of those that were no constitutional, which means they will not apply to our county, unless or until it becomes state law. The state can go ahead and do it anyways, as this is being done and why we see so many laws no one voted for becomming enacted.. and then ther'ss alwasy executive orders from the president who knows the people will never agree.

The Representatives should be representing the committees as the committees represent the voters, and why we are elected. The Neocons are no longer a majority, and why you've seen the lying, cheating and theft of votes. They don't have majority so they are desperate. The GOP is having to change to reflect all the new members, Ron Paul RepubliCANs, Palin Earthquakers, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists and Oath Keepers.

We are changing the GOP.

Thanks for the explanation

So you're in a committee at one level, and there are committees at other levels, and you don't vote on *legislation* but you do vote on *recommendations* for legislation, and these recommendations go up and down the chain of committees and there's debate, and votes about getting the recommendations onto ballots, and more debate, and voting on ballots, and more debate, up the chain and down the chain, and finally at some point this byzantine organization may or may not come up with a recommendation.

Which the legislators are completely free to ignore, and do ignore, so that as you say, you "see so many laws no one [in the committee] voted for" being enacted.

The idea that the representatives should represent the committees is bizarre, since the committees weren't elected for that reason and weren't elected by the people the representatives *do* represent. Not that the representatives pay enough attention to the people they represent, but they're distracted by lobbyists, not by whatever comes out of debating and voting up and down the chain of a hierarchy of committees.

I remain baffled at why you think you're accomplishing anything to get excited about with all the mass debating of multi-layer committees whose results are not binding and frequently ignored, but except for the part about you helping Mitt win after what he did at the convention, if you're doing what you think is best for the cause of liberty, then cool. Because that's what Ron Paul said, was that each person should think for themselves and do what they as an individual think is best for the cause of liberty.

The committees are elected

One can also be appointed by a legislator, I am now appointed, my elected seat begins in Jaunuary, for a duration of two years.

Congressmen, everyone elected into an office in a party, is a member of a party committee in their county where they reside, and you have their ear and eyes. So a letter coming from the committee with a recommendation or rejection gets attention, and that's a good thing to have because you get more than a aide generated response. They are very interested in what the committee does, more like treasure hunting, looking for that resolution that is going to make them a star. But they also have information, and that's the other great thing is that you get an inside perspective on issues, what the board of supes think or stands, where other congressmen in other counties stand, what they are doing, how to achieve something or stop something.. so it's pretty cool, and during election time, they make a point to come to the committee and we have some pretty heavy disscussions.. I am learning a lot and that is very exciting. I'm learning a lot about what legislation is comming up.

The committees are set up by supervisor distrcits, so as a committee member you represent the Republicans in your area, and they do vote on you. What's important is that when it comes to local legislation., you do have alot of power.

Recently we have legislation pending on Laura's Law, which puts people before a Judge to decide if a person needs to be institutionalized for mental health before they commit any crime. The Democrats are pushing very hard for this. Our committee went against it, so happens our Sheriff and DA are Republican, so they are affiliated with the committee, and from our debate, and their own experience, we all agred we did not approve of Laur'a Law.. this made headline news, the Board f Supervisors would not pass it becasue of our work (and the Sheriff and DA) so the Democrats have been writting letters for weeks about how dangerously ill people are roaming the streets looking to kill people and none of us are safe and the Republicans don't care and the Board is sold out.. and I consider it a victory. It's one example on where the local level the committee has helped provide freedom. At least that's how I see it. In my county medical marijuana is decriminalized, there are no GMO foods, we have several laws that break with the states and the feds,, so county committee work can achieve freedom.

But, by all means, you should think for yourself, serve yourself and enjoy whatever freedom you have the best you can. I'm having fun!

I would think that is how your GOP has its rules.

Our county committee meets once every two years at a scripted reorganization meeting to vote on the county chair, slate of officers, and slate of appointees.

Your are very fortunate to be able to have the activity you do. Take advantage of it.

At our town committee reorganization meeting, the GOP Soviets passed an amendment to not allow "non-incumbent candidates" (my terminology) to even be nominated for the elections. This is the kind of stuff I remember when I was young, reading about and watching on TV that happened behind the Iron Curtain.

The party environments are different in the neighborhoods, and the states. Working the party is a different bird under our conditions here.


Maybe you could bump a thread I made earlier. It covers some info on dealing with tough situations like our area.


tony m

Prescinct committees meet twice a year and are under the jurisdiction of the county clerk and registrar's office. Under the Board of Supervisors is where your Central Committee opoerates. For every county district there is a supervisor and elected/appointed party representaives. I think you might try doing a search for your central committee. They meet more than twice a year.

Those are more likely your rules.

Our town committee meets once a month.

Now I am not sure if when you say Central Committe, what exactly is that.

We have our county executive committee, which is secret. See this post - Who are the Phantom People of the Executive Commmittee -

And then the state committee which is elected positions. Same number of signatures needed as running for NYS Assembly.

We have chairs for the state committee regions, I think there is 9.?

Yes, it be. Lot's of fundraising this time of year.

Here is a graphical flowchart of the NYS party hierarchy I put together to educate the folks in my district and the county.



I also have a good read on how the NYS election law was changed to repeal the "George Washington" clause in 1909. This is the core cause that ended representation by the citizens. The new law was established in 1911 that gave that power to the party.

Interesting how the transfer of power from the people to entities happened in the early 1900's.


I really appreciate you sharing your committee

I am lucky, in that your committee is not very transparent, and that would bother me tremendously. I applaud you for standing up and making issue with them. It's food for thought.

Neither of your links opened for me. I noticed that North Collins does not have a chairman. Know anyone there?

We all need to help each other with whatever info we can.

Thanks, it hasn't been easy. The bummer is, if only other RP people from my area would join up with me. Thai is what really hurts.

I can understand your excitement. Learn all you can and keep moving forward. They really are easy pickin's. We just need the numbers to restore the party back from their co-opt.

It is learning from experiences such as like where I am it, is how we can help others. I have tried to build a more in depth education system concerning citizen representation at the election district level.

The links aren't working? Really. Hmm. Interesting. I checked them before I posted, and your right, they are not right now.

I made a new post concerning the history of the committeeman. This is very good.

I agree

It would have been great if Daily paul could have become a forun for Ron Paul RepubliCANs to discuss what committee work we are doing and to help each other.

I keep hoping that maybe after the election this will be possible.

I aslo know what you are saying about people who sign up to colunteer and be involved.. we had nearly 800 people in this county sign up for Ron Paul (I don't know about write in from each party, and I don't know how fair the elections actually were, I didn't find any fraud, but it's hard for me to believe Romney won with 75%.. he ran his campaign out of CA. Still, I had a list of people who volunteered to help with the campaign from Ron Paul's campaign,, I was district leader/ 4 counties.. and of those 30 people, no one really got involved, yet, the people who did get involved were incredible, so this district earned more votes for Ron paul than all CA. Believe it or not, San Francisco got the most votes for Ron Paul. The campaign admitted they were shocked by how well we did.

The other thing I really like about committee work is the networking with other Ron paul Republicans. That is what keeps me motivated and happy. I look forward to my committee meetings and events knowing I'll see them.

Hope? Isn't that what Obama promised?

Look its up to you if you want to support a serial liar like Ronmney and hope he doesn't do what he has done his entire adult life... Lie and cheat.

I'm going to stick the odds that he will continue to do what he and Ryan has and continues to do... Lie and Cheat and not support or vote for them.

I will however work to get whoever the best candidate is in any area elected and I will continue to fight against the Neocon war mongering scum that makes up my local GOP.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.


Oath Keepers, Tea Partiers, Palin Earthquakers would LOVE to make history and hold Romney to the Constitution.

Yah, as long as upholding the Constitution means extending the arm of the FED, decreasing liberties, and continuing/increasing the wars.

What kind of Ron Paul supporter are you that you'd believe the propaganda that Oath Keepers, Tea Partiers, and Palin/Romney/any other mainstream GOP supporters are serving the best interests of us?

Obama/Romney = establishment = status quo = more of the same = two sides of the same coin. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Have you even been reading the articles here? Seriously, get a clue.

I'm the kind of Ron Paul supporter who

joined the GOP like Ron Paul asked, took a committee seat and face Oath Keepers, Tea Partiers, Palin Earthquakers and constitutionalists because they joined the committee, where most of the Ron Paul supporters never did join the GOP, don't face the Republicans, have no power to change the laws and prefer waving signs. Do what you want. I'm doing what I want.

My next meeting is tomorrow. When's your next sign wave?

I am really disappointed.

I envision a world of kindness, people who promote love and Liberty and who welcomes others with open arms. It is not entirely reality, but as long as I can envision those things, it makes life a little easier to bare.

Granger, if this was any other board, I wonder how long your presence would be tolerated. You are fun at times, which I and others sometimes enjoy. But other times, I just don't know what to think :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I envision a world of truth and freedom

Freedom to be true to myself and with others and for others to be free to be true to themselves and with me.

Gee with all the people you kick out as unpure

you will be a party of one.

You cannot win with just Paul supporters, you need the anti-establishment grass roots level Palin supporters, Oath Keepers, legit Tea Party members etc.

I don't agree

I am establishment, as is Ron Paul. Anti-establishment is counterproductive as to what those of us who joined the GOP are working to accomplish.

As an established GOP liberty member what's anti-establishment going to achieve working against me? Anti-liberty.

I'm an exceptional Ron Paul RepubliCAN

And I believe in Ron Paul's message and the power of the constitution with people who are only interested in materializing Ron Paul's message and willing to take oaths and keep them while keeping others to their oaths.

You could go on and on with your apathetic loser attitude and it won't make a difference to me, because I'm IN and you're NOT.

Wave that sign.

Umm ...

"While Romney doesn't deserve to win..."

You are right about that.

Ron Paul RepubliCANs do deserve to win

Of course that's not you, loser.

you know he wont

follow the Constitution..


that is your proof? please try to convince me


conclusion....great job!