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Hypothesis - A film about BYU Physicist Steven E. Jones & his scientific discoveries about 9/11

A Documentary about Steven E. Jones, a BYU physics professor who made startling discoveries about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


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Nice title.

How does critical thinking fit in when using the word hypothesis or the hyped 'conspiracy theory'?

CT is used as an intimidation technique.

I thought it was a bad choice of title too

Obviously it must have been intentional. You can also get a sense of it in the film by what the film maker does and does not focus on.

It's common for most media to be distorted because most of the money to produce media comes from the counterfeiters, who are the ultimate distorters.

However, I enjoyed the film and more detailed look at Steven Jones coming from my perspective.

Thanks for posting


Oh no, the 911 deniers better

Oh no, the 911 deniers better not see this, their heads are going to explode! Great video for those here who claim to want to see scientific proof about the demolition.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

One man can make a difference

If he does not give in to pressure.

That's what I really got out of this little film, since I already knew about Dr. Jones' scientific discovery of exotic nano-thermite high explosives at the scene of the 9/11 crime.

They tried to attack him, bribe him, and threaten him.

And he refused to give in.

It reminds me of someone else I know.

Clifford Martin Hinckley

It appears Clifford Martin Hinckley and his connections have a lot to lose, he also had the connections to put pressure on Professor Jones:

Clifford Martin Hinckley, 43, distinguished member of technical staff for Sandia National Laboratories, LDS former stake clerk, bishop and counselor, ward clerk, and elders quorum president.

To all Sandians:

Each year we at Sandia National Laboratories take great pride in cataloging significant accomplishments achieved during the past
year by the men and women who make up this great laboratory. The past year, 2001, was extraordinary for the diversity and richness of
the achievements and for the one day, September 11, that so deeply affected and changed our laboratory and our nation.

Sandia’s staff have rapidly shifted gears to turn up the rate of progress in our national security work, suddenly rendered even more
important by the instantaneous change in the free world’s security situation that occurred that day.

All across the Labs, individuals and teams have all made heroic efforts to extend our technology contributions to both better protect our troops and to help win the war against terrorism.

The deep patriotism that inspires all of our laboratory’s work took on monumental importance in the days following the terrorist attacks, and we are today operating at an unprecedented intensity in increasing the rate of development and deployment of our unique technologies.

While the many hardware products we have delivered to the Afghanistan front give us special pride that we are fulfilling our highest goal “to become the Laboratory that the nation turns to first for technology solutions to the problems that threaten peace and freedom,” I am delighted with the richness of the many accomplishments, large and small, that we report this year.

Sandia has achieved pioneering accomplishments in so many important
areas of science and technology, from new software tools that revolutionize the design process, to software systems that vastly improve our financial management; and from creation of classified networks within Sandia to creation of the world’s most powerful network that is now furthering the work of all of the NNSA labs.

I invite you to judge for yourself:
Have this year’s accomplishments been the best ever in rendering exceptional service to our nation?

C. Paul Robinson
President and Director
Sandia National Laboratories

"At the successful conclusion of a three-year testing and evaluation program a Major Assembly Release (MAR) authorized on Jan. 24, 2001, the unconditional use of the Alt 342 W87 Life Extension Program (LEP) warhead by the Air Force.

The Nuclear Weapons Council has accepted the W87 LEP as a standard stockpile item. (8200) C. Martin Hinckley, cmhinck@sandia.gov."


Very interesting!

"Our laboratory’s work took on monumental importance in the days following the terrorist attacks, and we are today operating at an unprecedented intensity in increasing the rate of development and deployment of our unique technologies."

Talk about a benefiting!

They probably don't even care what happened on 9/11, they just see it as an excuse that must be defended in order to continue dramatically increasing the Military Industrial Complex and their profits.

World’s most powerful network?

Unconditional use of the Alt 342 W87 Life Extension Program (LEP) warhead? I assume it's a program to extend the life of nuclear warheads by upgrading them?

Is Sandia a company or the government? They have a .gov domain. Maybe they are more accurately a fascist organization.


Sandia + thermite

Then try:
Sandia + nano + thermite

Connections Between NIST, Nano-Thermites and Sandia:

Sandia certainly looks like a Corporation/Government entity geared for the New American Century.