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Time For Willard Mitt Romney Fans To Support The Constitution

I wanted to respond to Kurt’s appeal with an appeal of my own. To read his appeal in its entirety click on the following link: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/18/Time-for-...
Before I knew I couldn't post Kurt's entire article here, I had interspersed my thoughts with his, hence the K)s and ME)s, by way of explanation. After the first few of K)s comments interspersed with mine you will find only my comments, the ME)s.


K) There is no more time for games, no room for hurt feelings. Ron Paul fans, you need to choose, because not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama. It’s that simple. And you could make the difference.

ME) There is no time for games, no room for hurt feelings. ‘SHUT OUT RON PAUL’ fans, you need to choose, because not following the rule of law, your own party rules, or even the golden rule is identical behavior to Obama’s. It’s that simple. And you could make the difference.

K) Maybe Romney isn’t the uncompromising Ayn Rand hero you’d design if you could build your ideal candidate from scratch, but he’s a lot better than the guy on whose watch this happened:

K) Photo (of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, filmmaker behind the film, Innocence of Muslims being taken by officers in California)

ME) Maybe Paul isn’t the compromising forgettable flip-flopping lobbyist loving Nero you’d design if you could build your ideal plastic pocket-lining position propping candidate from scratch, but he’s a lot better than the guy on whose watch this happened:


K) Making no choice in this election is a choice -- it’s a choice for a collectivist who will get two or three Supreme Court picks over a man who picked a guy, Paul Ryan, who understands capitalism and its unbreakable link to human freedom.

ME) Making the choice to push & manipulate for Romney in this election is a choice -- it’s a choice for a service avoiding non-veteran elitist who will get two or three Supreme Court picks over a man who raised a guy, Senator Rand Paul, who understands conservative limited government and its unbreakable link to human freedom and capitalism and how its broken down by voting for programs like TARP.

K) Now, this is a two-way street. Romney and Ryan need to reach out to libertarians over their common ground. Fortunately, there is lots of common ground.

ME) Now, this is a two-way street. Paul and Paul need to reach out to Republicans-In-Name-Only over their common ground. Fortunately, there is lots of common ground.

ME) No, the Republican Party is not an integrous party, but it is the only dominant party with any stated conservative small government platform element. It’s the only other party place where true limited government supporters have no chance of being heard. And with guys and girls like the polar opposite of Pelosi & Reed missing, and the unbalanced big-spending bloated budget friendly Democratic Party elements, you can have little hope of attracting anyone to the fast-becoming-irrelevant GOP.

ME) Sure, the Republicans posture as guardians of freedom on a number of issues -- The Constitution, The Bill of Rights -- but that’s just a pose. It’s not part of any philosophy of American freedom, let alone human freedom; these are just rhetoric speeches made not for a love of the Constitution, but because they are expected by the Republican base ‘Republican-in-name-only’ candidates need to win elections.

ME) When freedom becomes inconvenient, Republicans trample it like it’s worthless.

ME) You can say a lot about democrats, but they are true to their rhetoric and their ignorant, shallow view of the Constitution. They unapologetically continually compromise our freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution and in many cases they earn the contempt of knowledgeable patriotic conservatives (and always, always so do Rinos).

ME) It’s hard to count how many times conservatives have watched GOP debates and muttered, “Damn, I’d vote Republican if they’d just nominate a true conservative.”

ME) There’s not nearly enough overlap with the Republicans, while there is none with the Democrats. And that is shocking. True proponents of limited government and a humble foreign policy with no nation building within the Republican Party are nowhere to be found. The American people believe in principles of liberty, as they see them written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Liberals (both Democrat & Republican) believe in raw power to impose their will as they see fit.

ME) Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Virgil Goode do not stand for collectivism. But right now, the Republican Party has detrimentally nominated a candidate who alienates the true conservative base, and who therefore stands in the way of stopping collectivism.

ME) Let’s not sugar-coat it - there are some real differences between Republican in name only Republicans and conservatives. Foreign policy comes to mind; we conservatives see RINO foreign policy as aggressive, oppressive, and expensive, and egregiously naïve, while RINOs see conservative foreign policy as domestic adventurism (bring our troops home, end the wars, cut spending, balance the budget, secure the safety and freedoms of the American people). The drug war is another difference of opinion, though one the RINOS would receive an education on in the GOP as their influence diminishes. We don’t need to agree on everything, just to act, vote, and live in accordance with the boundaries set forth in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

[and to agree we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.]

ME) With the Democrats, you agree on quite a bit. We all saw the Democrat Convention. It was a sad ignorant congregation worshiping at the altar of big government, much like the Republican Convention we all saw. Patriot Act this, NDAA that, TARP this, more wars that.

ME) There was no small government altar there at either convention for principled Americans. Nothing.

ME) The Republicans are not libertarians, or even Republicans, if you were to base your determination on what they include or exclude from their platform, or whom they put up for nomination for President, but at least the libertarian-conservatives are invited to fill the Republican coffers before you silence their influence and diminish their growing numbers with your corrupt practices. There are exactly zero trustworthy establishment republicans. Nor can there be, RINOS embrace everything lobbyists pay them to, and conservatives oppose.

ME) That’s why it’s so silly to present Romney as being any different than Obama. Some wave off their obligation to follow the rules (& the law) with a cliché, that Romney is just “the only one who can win in the General Election.” …Yeah. How’s that working out for ya?

ME) Even if that’s true, the key is “integrity.” If you have to choose between stealing a nomination and winning one fairly, you’d be a fool to shrug your shoulders and risk exposing your lying, cheating, stealing, scheming ways to the young people you’re trying to attract (we hate hypocrisy) and the country at large you’re trying to fleece.
(we’d rather not join Democrats posing as Republicans)

ME) This is no time to “attempt manipulation” or pout that Willard Mitt Romney is tanking miserably across the nation. He is tanking miserably everywhere, and declaring him electable was stupid and unnecessary. But if you are truly dedicated to the Constitution you won’t let it be trampled in order to make some soon-to-be-moot point to the you-know-who-you-are GOP party hacks responsible for nominating an imposter the entire nation sees right through and cannot in good conscience get behind.

ME) Priorities, people. Nothing less than the land of the free and the home of the brave is at stake here.

ME) A really bad choice is a choice, and with the polls showing a dead even race every day Romney stays in the race is effectively a vote for Obama. There’s no debate here; you opt to present Romney as our only choice and you support Obama by default. How can any principled American do that?

ME) Romney’s spent years designing and incorporating the freedom trampling Obamney Care. Filmmakers or any other American who, for any reason Romney gives, can be detained without just cause, explanation, or trial under the NDAA & Patriot Act which Romney supports. We concerned, conservative republicans are told we must act contrary to our conscience as condescended to by the establishment party and vote for such a man.

ME) Our entire Bill of Rights & Constitution is under fire and is just one presidential election vote from being snatched away. Our government subjects our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to ever increasing debt, wars, regulation, taxation, molestation, & illegal immigration to justify further crack-downs on our freedoms.

ME) At this rate, pretty soon the administration will scrap the other two branches of government and political parties and elections will be a thing of the past.

ME) Ron Paul’s not your dream candidate. We get that. You’re naïve, uneducated, and deceived -- as we were before we did our own research, reading, and due diligence. But the inescapable fact -- whether you like it or not, whether it’s fair or not -- is that with either Candidate Obama or Candidate Romney as the next president we all lose.

ME) Don’t be the guy in twenty minutes who looks over his shoulder to make sure no policemen are listening and then says to his kids, “Yesterday, I was mad because all my machinating came to naught and then I got disrespected and mistrusted. I loved myself, and I thought I was so clever, and so I backed the guy who also hated the Constitution. I’m sorry. I am so, so destructive.”

ME) The Romney-Ryan camp needs to do its part too; they need to drop out of the 2012 Presidential Election and reaffirm their commitment to Constitutional liberty by endorsing Ron Paul. Freedom and truth need to be the conversation, not just Obama’s and Romney’s appalling records. While they can’t undo the gratuitous insults at the convention and for Romney, throughout the entire primary process, they can make the difference by conceding defeat and supporting the only real America cherishing, Constitution protecting, Freedom fighting candidate who can lead as our Commander and Chief.

ME) ‘Shut-Out-Ron-Paul’ guys …the Constitution needs you. It needs you now. It needs you to put sanctimonious, unfounded, hypocritical childish feelings aside and help elect the only one candidate who has ever had any chance of moving America in the direction you want.

ME) Support and vote for Ron Paul, or help Obama or Romney complete his transformation of America into a nation that violates every principle you claim you embrace.

ME) It’s time. It’s really past time. Way. Dude.