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Ron Paul Campaign Has $2,011,622 Cash on Hand at End August

Here's the link to the latest FEC report that was filed yesterday for the period of 8/1 - 8/31. Those interested can see all of the itemized receipts and disbursements as well as the summary:


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Operating in the black so people want a refund?

I don't think sending demanding emails to Dr Paul's daughter asking for a refund is very logical. Why did you donate in the first place? Thats like asking your cable company for your money back because Bill O'Reilly makes $15 million a year.

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All due respect to those on the other side of what I am about..

to say... but...

2008 ended with a 2 million or so surplus which spun off CFL.
2012 ends with a 2 million or so surplus which spins off into whatever.

How many times did you hear, we need another 1 million to be really competitive? Well, clearly they got it, but chose not to use it.

Operating in the black is admirable, and is something to be proud of. However, if a company chooses not to invest it's overages, and turns that into shareholder profit, that may be a good thing, but no one was in this for shareholder(family) profit.

Ending in debt is bad, ending with 2 million over is just as disgusting, IF you believe he was in it to win it from the beginning. Which clearly he wasn't, which is why I did not volunteer or donate this time.

Every one of you who did donate this time, and myself last time, did so at great personal expense. No respect was given to that sacrifice.

You chose to do so, and can't whine if you did, but that does not alleviate his responsibility in it either. I learned my lesson last time, and am glad I did.

(And I am ignoring the fact that the ACTUAL frontrunner was never attacked... And when it came down to just the two, the campaign effectively threw in the towel. But I won't go into all of that.)

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Would there have even been a 2012?

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Same here

I think I gave about $1500 in 2008. I gave maybe $100 this time. The main reason was how the 2008 campaign was run. I probably wrote about it here before but the fact they had cash on hand sickened me. Everyone knows the message of liberty is contagious. The key to winning was to win the first states and grow support from there. I wouldn't ask anyone to go into debt to fund the campaign but they should run it like the Salvation Army. They have faith in their work and the people that support it. They keep very little cash on hand. They spend it all as it comes in to help those that need it with FAITH that what they need the good people of this country will provide.

I maxed out my contributions in 2008

This year I did not contribute a dime to the campaign because it seemed to me that it was wasted. I spent money and time acting locally, but I wasn't going to throw money down that hole this time around. What sealed it for me was the hokey, insincere, boiler plate pleas for money that came every other day from both the CFL and the campaign itself.

I love Ron Paul, but I did not love his campaign.

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Too many people mistakenly

Too many people mistakenly equate the campaign with Ron Paul himself.

Ron Paul I would trust with a blank check. Benton & Tate aren't even the same species!

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But Ron Paul chose them.

That fact somehow gets ignored by everyone.

He chose the staff in 2008 as well. When Doug Wead came on board, and did such a great job, I was overjoyed at how well things were going...

But did you notice what happened? When Doug was kicking ass and taking names in interviews and everywhere he went, he was mysteriously replaced by Benton and others during speaking engagements. Who made that choice? Who said, "Things are going so well with Wead that we need to replace him?".

I am glad RP has pulled so much fresh blood, but I am not blind to the facts.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

it really makes you question

it really makes you question Ron's choice of characters to run the show for him.

Ron is honest and principled,

Ron is honest and principled, but not infallible. He also "chose" Eric Dondero, was that deliberate? I too like Doug & dislike Benton. But I don't pretend to know the motives behind that change or who all were involved.

The Nepotism Fund for the Paul Family is alive and well

What idiot is still contributing money to a candidate who quit back in April?

Go figure. Cult worship on dispay!

another richard cranium

another richard cranium showing his true colors.

begone ye corny troll

begone ye corny troll

I wish

I wish he would help Gary Johnson get some support so he can get into the presidential debates! he could really use some help as time is running out! If he's not going to endorse him publicly at least help get his name out there! Or give him the left over money so he can run T.V. ads. We really NEED for Gary Johnson to be in those debates as that is the only chance we have for liberty this November!

I hope this marks the end of

I hope this marks the end of the era of money bombs for the "official" campaigns of liberty candidates. I realize there are advantages in a campaign controlled directly by the candidate, but I just get an overwhelming sense that Dr. Paul had ceded major decisions to his campaign staff. I'm sure he believed Benton was the best man for the job, but I think most of us would disagree with that assessment in retrospect. With that in mind, I think there would be advantages to directing funds to a grassroots campaign headed by someone like Tom Woods who has the liberty movement's best interests in mind. Just my two cents.

This money can also be used

This money can also be used for other liberty candidate campaigns if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully he will help out in some of our most important races.

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donate to other campaigns?

Can his campaign send that money to other (state/local/congressional) campaigns? If so, a million bucks would go a long way towards helping a bunch of state representatives get elected. That will be more people who could endorse a candidate in 2016.

After 2008 Romney set up PACs and donated millions to the people who ended up endorsing him last year.

That's great news the campaign has cash on hand, although it's

best invested in silver and gold and used to start a campaign institute for future liberty candidates.... maybe then we can extend these savings other than wasting it on cliche bs

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- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

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I'd like a refund of my portion that Benton burnt on attack ads

I'd like a refund of my portion that Benton burnt on Newt and Rick attack ads, please.

They can keep the portion that went into the Romney flipflop commercial from last July, and the Texas-Sized ad from January.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

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Good. After the Rally expenses are fully

accounted for, I hope he has a major chunk left to continue his vital educational efforts. As one of the most effective teachers of our time, has a lot of good work left to accomplish.

World tour

He should buy a hover car with it and go on a world tour. He has done more for liberty than anyone else that I can think of in my lifetime.

Plus, doesn't it say on the campaign donation page that donations are not refundable?

Again, the campaign has already returned $242K to individuals

Why do you think they have been doing that all along?

Spending on Advertisements to the bitter end

would have been a good way to "educate" even more, but we all could have had some multiple choice answers to select on that one.

Indeed, I was sad, when there seemed to be a pullback in the Campaign. We'll probaly never know the "details" and truth behind that incident, but I would and will NEVER BELIEVE Dr. Paul wanted to stop, unless he was extremely threatened, and I wouldn't put that past the FEDERAL RESERVE cartel at all.

Spending on Advertisements to the bitter end

would have been a good way to "educate" even more, but we all could have had some multiple choice answerst to select on that one.

Indeed, I was sad, when there seemed to be a pullback in he Campaign. We'll probaly never know the "details" and truth behind that incident, but I would and will NEVER BELIEVE Dr. Paul wanted to stop, unless he was extremely threatened, and I wouldn't put that past the FEDERAL RESERVE cartel at all.

I find it nausiating

that there are people that want their money back. The campaign was an engine for a movement to spread the message and wake people up. It definately succeeded. We all knew that Dr. Paul had a very slim chance of winning.

Don't want my money back----BUT,

the thing missing in this report is the "itemized details", like how much was paid to the individuals working in the Campaign, like Benton, and all of them.

We should know how much was paid, since we were the ones donating, imho. I doubt we'll get this "detail", though, and that is unfortunate.

I do think, going forward, if the grassroots ever does this again, we must demand an accounting UPFRONT of where our money is being spent, period. I am 100% for that. When I worked for a Fortune 500 company, I had to have receipts and a full accounting of how I spent their money on my vendors.

Anyone remember Benton's hundreds of thousands.........

of expense reimbursements with zero itemized detail.... Just a huge lump sum? That caught the FEC's attention right from the beginning.....and they are watching very closely. BTW, if you look at other candidates FEC filings, you'll see that theirs are very different.

that is what's in my link - and you think that's itemized?

I doubt many people would call that itemized --- certainly not anyone in business.
Look at all the meals that were charged? Does it say who ate them?


Aimee Allen was paid $7500 for entertainment. It's not that I don't expect there to be paid entertainers, but Aimee Allen? Did that really make more people support Dr. Paul? I don't know. Maybe I'm too old to appreciate that choice.