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Howard Stern Show: Jesse Ventura Full Interview

Enjoy its almost an hour long


please also check out http://www.truthpursuers.... :)

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Stern flip flops on Ron Paul - says he likes him one day

and then calls him a freak the next. What gives?

In this youtube clip, the first minute and a half is audio from 2008 & he makes Ron Paul sound like his personal saviour and then the next minute is another audio clip from 2012 where he's calling Ron Paul a freak. ? ?


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Jesse is getting great exposure

He's been all over the media recently.

I didn't listen to this one. I've listened to many recently, and he basically says the same thing. I get the point. I hope that the rest of the country does too.

He's the man.

Howard Stern is a complete

Howard Stern is a complete imbecile. I say this because of what he said when the shootings at Columbine High School occured. he kept saying that he would have raped the girls before he killed them referring to the girls that were shot. This guy has no class at all. Anyone who suggets this moron has any value at all are morons themselves.

I heard Stern say...

"Oh,who was that guy you like Jesse? I can't remember his name.. uh..uh..." Jesse,"Ron Paul". I'm paraphrasing. I really hope Jesse is just trying to butter Howard up so he can get some free publicity in the future and is not serious about the VP idea. If Howard is his first pick for that,his campaign would be over before it begins. I like his idea to use wrestling fans to get ballot access that he proposed to Vince McMahon in '06.

HELL YES he has my vote

Not perfect but Oh my god. I'm going to work to get him on the ballot in CT. Ventura Stern 2016.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

keep me in the loop

from ct also. Let's see if we can't get him on.


During his appearance on Piers M recently, I could have sworn that Ventura said he carries a concealed weapon. On this show, he told Stern that he does not own firearms anymore. ?

I think he said he has a

I think he said he has a permit.

Ventura 2012


He said it tongue and cheek - he said he "gave them all away" - so the government wouldn't come for them.

Maybe he was kidding.

Maybe he was kidding.

That is true - he is a raving liberal

BUT - he also said on several occasions how RP was the only Republican making any sense.

I want to say he had Maddow on once too during the primaries - and while they certainly weren't campaigning for him - they showed an honest respect for him. I don't quite remember the interview - but I want to say they both kinda gave him props.

Just saying - I don't think his is an anti-paul type of guy - I think he gets it- he's just a raving liberal so will probably never really embrace it.

EDIT - Meant this as a response to nung

I listened to the entire hour

and I must say it was worth it. I like Jesse, and if I had a choice between him and Rand Paul I would have quite the dilemma.

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Ask yourself this important question:

Who has passed the test of consistency? Who has gone into and out of politics without changing? The answer to your dilemma is close at hand.

thank you for posting the

thank you for posting the link. i forgot he was coming on the show.

yep your welcome

yep your welcome



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Screw Howard Stern. I can

Screw Howard Stern. I can remember when he had some negative things to say about Ron Paul.

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