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Israel's involvement in 9/11

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8EweNlo8LA&feature=plcp 911 The Cover Up (condensed)

Why don't more of us know about Israel's involvement in 9/11? This is NOT a slam against the Jewish people. It is about the government of Israel, not the people. Can someone show me where Ryan Dawson has it wrong? I think he has presented meticulous evidence about the events of that day. I would like to see someone try to debunk it.

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Don't forget

to youtube Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies of the US Army War College, who states that they did it as well.

Truth will emerge. Then the Samson Option.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Zionist 911

+1, for focus.

The question is

Are the following claims true?

1) Several individuals were observed on NY on 911 setting up a camera on a tripod, filming the planes hitting the WTC towers and then celebrating it. The white van was then pulled over. The white van contained 5 individuals that were identified as Israeli Mossad agents. The van and the 5 Israeli's tested positive for traces of explosives. All the Israeli's failed multiple polygraph test. One of the individuals haD over $4000. in cash in his sock. The van was registered to Urban Moving Systems.

2) A second white van also registered to Urban Moving Systems was pulled over and was found to be full of explosives. The two individuals in the van were identified as Israeli mossad agents. Both failed polygraphs and both lied about their whereabouts earlier that day. One of the individuals was captured on video in WTC2 on September 10 and stated (lied) that he was there to work on elevators.

3) A third white van was observed by NYPD in lower Manhatten on the morning of 911. This van had a mural painted on it that depicted 2 planes crashing into the twin towers and the words 911 were included in the mural. Two individuals were apprehended and taken into custody. (not sure if these two were identified ad mossad agents)

4) A 4th white van was observed by NYPD and NYFD near the base of the WTC complex. The van appeared to have been blown up as if it were loaded with explosives and then blown up.

5) Evidence collected from these apprehensions included a map of NY with the three buildings that came down circled on the map as well as two bridges.

6) All of these individuals were held for a couple months then released.

*IF these events are TRUE. If these things really did happen, then can there be any doubt that Israel not only knew of the attack but were deeply involved in the attack?

It should not be difficult to answer these questions. If they are true then all that is left is for Israel to confess. If these claims are proven untrue...then the accusations and the conspiracy theorist will have no standing and the story can be put to rest.


Does this make sense?

Why would the Mossad have explosives on 9/11? Were they wiring the buildings on 9/11? Did they think, hey let's plant bombs right after we blow up the WTC? Smart!

Also, Mossad agents wouldn't stand on buildings, take photos and celebrate. Obviously from the Israelis' perspective, they've been dealing with terrorism for decades, and just like their FBI statement says, they thought the United States would now take on terrorism.

If you think this is proof these men were involved in 9/11, you are insane.

The men also appeared on TV. Saying "our purpose was to document the event" refers to them taking still photos after the attacks, not video of the buildings before the planes hit. If you think they'd go out TV and confess prior knowledge to document the event, you are insane.

The Israelis were detained for 10-weeks and then cleared.

The United States and the European Union are the real problems, not Israel. Look at the Secrecy Kills documentary team if you want to understand more about 9/11. Stop promoting lies.

There are witnesses who saw

There are witnesses who saw the dancing Israelis, so you will have to explain that away. You really need to watch the documentary I posted and then tell us what you think.

All the missing links - Israellis

Ehud Barak on BBC London HQ 9-11-2001- need to fight terrorism in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, gee ring a bell.
Obama white house run by israellis
Romney foreign advisers israellis

Billion Dollar us embassy in Iraq....check location on the map!
Look at Map of Greater Israel- bingo.
John McCain 2008.."We should be in Iraq for a 100 yrs"..for what
...For protecting Greater Israel!

Though shall do war through Deception

Thanks for the post.

I think the longer version is worth the time. http://vimeo.com/39578648#

There are too many coincidences for things to be ignored. While this focuses on the Mossad, it makes for a companion piece w/this, from a another DP post:
...also the PBS special on engineers weighing in on the physical impossibility of events as per the official report:

But getting back to this video, whatever else might be done about it, there needs to be some amendment to the Constitution to prevent those with dual citizenship, Israeli or otherwise, from serving in the U.S. government (like Israel's policy, for one). Clearly it presents a conflict of interest:

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Classic nuttery, out of place here...

This is a fine piece of antisemitic conspiracy nuttery, a clever pastiche of info directed to justify a prexisting suspicion. I like the addition of the traditional "I don't hate Jews, but..." disclaimer.

Is Daily Paul really the venue for this?

Yeah the DailyPaul sucks and

Yeah the DailyPaul sucks and the movement is dying. I can't even get one local Ron Paul supporter to attend a GOP meeting.

On to something else. They'd rather talk about insane conspiracies theories. We could be winning instead we are just keyboard warriors blasting "truth" into an echo chamber of sycophants and fools.

Because the GOP showed that

Because the GOP showed that they are willing to break rules to prevent the Liberty movement from taking over.

And would you please stop with the tired attempt at marginalization with your accusation of "conspiracy theories." Those who believe the official government version of 9/11 believe the biggest conspiracy theory.

ecorob's picture

we're not antisemitic...

we're anti-zionist, you twisted, lying pos!

someday, in the streets, we'll explain that to you!


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

Israel exists.

Israel exists. Maybe you should look up the definition of Zionism.

Thanks for helping destroy the Liberty Movement.

Telling the truth about 9/11

Telling the truth about 9/11 WILL make it much easier for people to accept the Liberty movement long term. You can't compartmentalize or marginalize the truth.

Classic Psyops Lame Deflection

or simple RETARDATION.Too late guy because the cat got out of the bag a decade ago.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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You have evidence? E-mail me

You have evidence? E-mail me it. This video is not evidence.

You obviously did not watch

You obviously did not watch the video. I don't understand how so many can ignore this when we have actual video press reports of people arrested with truck bombs, and we know they were Israeli.

I don't need to email you

There are reams and reams of evidence all over the entire internet concerning the Mossad's involvement in this. There is a search bar on the upper right corner of this page.



If 5 Dancing Israelis that admitted on TV that they were there to document the event(911) that were arrested that day then released does not pique your interest there is something totally screwed with your thinking process.


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

The anti-semitic accusation...

The anti-semitic accusation against anyone speaking out against the state of Israel is really getting old.

This is all anti-semitic

This is all anti-semitic nonsense. It's not a balanced study of 9/11. It takes one event and just spins it to make you think Israel runs the world. Like they could do anything like this without the United States's involvement and approval.

Blame yourself and blame your government, stop fueling hate.

Israel does not run the world...

They can ask US to do that for them. :-)

You really don't think

You really don't think carefully do you? Who said it was all Israel's doing? I certainly did not. I think it is very possible that elements of the CIA were involved, but one thing is for sure. The evidence strongly suggests major Mossad foreknowledge and involvement.

No, I really don't hate "the

No, I really don't hate "the Jews.". I do hate that stupid charge of "anti-Semitism." it is like crying wolf too often. Not working anymore. Facts are facts. If you want to debunk the video, go for it, but stop playing that tired card.

Arabs are also Semites.

Funny how those who like to call anyone who criticizes Israel , anti-semite, usually greatly dislike Arab Muslims who are Semites... Isaac(Jews) and Ishmael(Arabs), both sons of Abraham, were brothers. Such hypocrites.

I guess

You didn't watch the video, or the video posted below


I just watched them both. A lot of things to ponder. Then the smart ass race baiting comment "I don't hate Jews but..."

I just thought that I would add that I am Jewish, so I guess I must be self hating because I don't believe Bibi or elements within the Israeli government is looking out for the interests of Israel but for their own diabolical agenda...

The video by Steve Pieczenik is eye opening...

Thanks Buddy! Whatever

Thanks Buddy! Whatever crimes Israel may have committed here, they are not the responsibility of the Jewish people as a whole, nor do they negate all the good that Jewish people have done throughout our history.

9/11 Mossad Connection

This interview with former State Department official Steve Pieczenik is worth listening to. This guy has some real info on many things that are quite revealing. I mean, this guy really "unloads" some information.

Really worth the time to listen to it all.


Critical Thinking much?

This guy is selling a book. Former government employee has NO EVIDENCE. It's just a guy reading stuff off the Internet, he has no sources, no first hand accounts, NOTHING!

Um, yes, there ARE first hand

Um, yes, there ARE first hand accounts. One of the policemen who arrested the Israelis, the woman who saw them celebrating, and reporters accounts of police reports verify what he alleges. You have nothing. And FYI, Ryan Dawson has not written a book on this.

I cant, but...

I cannot debunk this case here. I wont even try and I admit its very fishy. I just dont like to have "faith" that 9/11 was straight up an inside job. I call it faith because if there is no proof, but just belief and belief enough to cause anger at people who think otherwise, its called faith. I have been having "devil's advocate" arguments with truthers on this website for years now and its not that I am saying it absolutely was not an inside job, but more of the fact that we truly dont know and that it does kind of look bad when we make it a priority over things that are destroyinng us that we do KNOW 100% for certain...

Look, if you told me that Bush orchastrated 911 himself just to impose Patriot Act and going to war in the middle east, I would say its very implausible. Obama has proven that he doesnt have to murder THOUSANDS of people, including hundreds of banks and hedgefund managers (which are the piggy bank of politicians, right?) and risk everything just to destroy the constitution... Do I believe there was coverups for 911? OF COURSE! THATS OBVIOUS! Also, if you told me that Bush may have let it happen, I could believe more than him doing it. If you told me that Bush is just an incompetent idiot and cant stand to be embarrased by the fact that his negligence led to the mass deaths, I would find this the most plausible, but at the end of the day, we just dont know and we PROBABLY (not certainly) wont know until and independent investigation of 9/11, but in the mean time, wars in the middle east, our absolute corruption and bankruptcy and drestruction of our prosperity by our politicians, destroying the middle class and the destruction of our dollar by a private bank (the Fed) is much more tangible and much more likely to get people on our side and NOTHING will change until we get people on our side.

Ron Paul 2012

Bush did not know about 9/11

1. It was the Mossad who did it. Majority of American politician did not knew about it. Only a minority knew and most of them are zionist who have dual citizenship.

2. I disagree with anyone who said that it is an inside job (refering to US). It is not. For goodness sake, Bush was a sitting duck president. He is too dumb to be the leader who orchestrate this event.

3. Did the administration took advantage of it to go and attack Iraq? Of course.

4. Did the administration took advantage of it to imlement Patriot Act? Of course.

5. My problem with 9/11 truther like WeAreChange is that instead of talking and focusing on the REAL issue - i.e Mossad role - they spin it and blame the US government for it. No wonder many Americans cant believe 9/11. I am sure for Luke Rudowski, he believe Israel never shot American ships before...lol