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Club for Growth Lindsey Graham is top target for 2014

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is at the top of the Club for Growth’s target list for 2014, the group’s president, Chris Chocola, said Thursday.

At a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Chocola told reporters that the Club for Growth is eyeing Graham’s race with a “lot of interest,” given the Republican’s deviations from the Club’s conservative, free-market agenda.

“If you’re looking to the horizon of 2014,” Chocola said, “the sun may rise over South Carolina.”

Chocola, a former Indiana congressman, said the Club’s level of involvement in the race would ultimately depend on who emerges to challenge Graham in the GOP primary. He hinted that the Club is not the only organization preparing to oppose Graham’s renomination.



South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis is giving hints that he will primary Graham in 2014.

Tom endorsed Ron Paul for President and gave a great speech at the Ron Paul Rally in Florida.

If you would like to replace Graham with a liberty candidate, start saving up and keep an eye on Tom Davis.