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OMG, the SHTF: Rob Pincus, one of the most highly respected Tactical Instructors in the World, 'teaches' Kim Kardashian!

Now my world is upside down! NOT!

But for those interested, here's the Friday bemuser:

Khloe Kardashian and Rob Pincus Together . . . For An Afternoon

Posted on September 21, 2012 by Robert Farago

This is SO not fair. TTAG writer and firearms instructor Rob Pincus sent me a snap of his training session with Khloe “FFBF” (Famous for Being Famous) Kardashian and told me to “be nice.” That’s like spending a day at the beach watching an SI photo shoot for Genevieve Morton, only a lot more frustrating. So here’s the straight dope on KKD’s MOA from our favorite dome-headed gun guru: “Stuff like this helps us reach a demographic that Outdoor Channel and American Rifleman never even graze. She was a great student… honestly. You can say that I introduced her to the fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting with a carbine and handgun… and she did a familiarization with full auto fire as well.” Make the jump for Khloe’s take on the ballistic bonanza and some more shots of her trigger time . . .

“Earlier today Scott and I and a few friends went on a little adventure together. Scott has been wanting to learn how to shoot for a while now and didn’t have anyone to go with him, so I volunteered. It’s always good to try new things! So accompanied by two police officers and a gun specialist, we ventured out into the middle of the ocean where it is safe to shoot and we practiced a little. I personally like the land of glitter and unicorns better but hey… to each his own!”

A reality show never looked so real. Although I prefer a rod and reel when I’m fishing for compliments.



To find out more about Rob Pincus and his "Combat Focus Shooting"-method, check out the following:


Youtube Search "Rob Pincus," most recent: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=videos&search_que...

Advanced Shooting Skill Development Drills - Volume 2

Published on Sep 3, 2012 by hostilecontroltactic

Advanced Skill Development Drills" Training DVD
Rob Pincus, Developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program, and Andy Loeffler of Black Wing SHooting Center guide you through 10 important new drills that will help you develop your defensive shooting skills to an even higher level! Throughout this dynamic video, Rob and Andy not only demonstrate the drills, including typical failures and opportunities to improve, but they also review fundamental concepts that underly the importance of each drill and why they are included in this collection. Topics covered include Multiple Shot Trigger Control, Controlling Transitions, Changing Distance to Target and both sighted and unsighted firing options. Regardless whether you've just recently established a fundamental skill level or have been working on your advanced abilities for years , these drills can help you be more prepared to use a firearm to defend yourself or others! Also, included is a special Bonus Segment where Rob Pincus guides you through a series of "best uses" for common target types that you can find at virtually any range!

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