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Go Ahead, Throw Your Vote Away

I believe that anyone who writes regularly—or even occasionally—about politics should be up front about his or her biases, so here’s mine: I like Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, and will probably vote for him. When I went to New York University on Tuesday to hear him give his normal stump speech and he said, “I’m the only candidate who wants to end the drug war” and “I am the only candidate that wants to repeal the Patriot Act,” I thought stuff like Right on, man, which I don’t usually think during political rallies. When Johnson speaks, he goes from a cool dad type of figure—jeans, suit jacket, a T-shirt with the peace sign on it—to an angry man straining at the podium. Obama channels hope and uplift when he talks (mixed, at this point, with a fair amount of world-weariness); Romney’s delivery reminds me of Don Draper in one of those Mad Men episodes that’s OK but not great; by contrast, Johnson sounds like someone on the street corner trying to get passersby to stop and listen to him. Like every politician, he tells you how great he is (he built a handyman business from the ground up, he was governor of New Mexico and people there still like him, and so on), but he also communicates more desperation than most candidates for national office—he calls the Federal Reserve a “Ponzi scheme” and emphasizes the need to cut Medicare while warning about a monetary collapse (like what happened to Russia in ‘98).


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I doubt many, if any, of the down voters....

even read what you had to say. They saw the title and clicked the "-" key and kept moving.

It's a monumental task to unite independent liberty-minded individuals to vote for the same candidate. It isn't hard to see why the two-party monopoly will sell out their integrity to prevent a third-party from ever having a fair chance to compete.

If they can keep it between themselves, they have a fighting chance.

Ron Paul is a once-in-a-lifetime individual that started a great movement. Un/Fortunately, he is ahead of his time. History has recorded many "prophets" of doom that the masses ignored until it was too late.

The best we can do at the present is keep his message alive and as events unfold shout, "Ron Paul tried to warn us. Are you ready to listen now?"

It would be nice if all the Ron Paul supporters did vote for Gary Johnson just this once to have a counted/recorded number to see exactly how many people want something different than the status quo.

That's not going happen and the two-party monopoly will distort the number of write-ins for Ron Paul to make it seem he had little to no support in order to justify cheating him out of fair media coverage and delegate votes at the convention.

Personally, I'm still undecided whether I'll write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson even knowing the above.

What I am decided on is I'll never vote or support either the Democratic or Republican Party for as long as I live. Rand Paul is fooling himself if he believes that the powers that be will ever let him be the captain of the ship and I predict he may start a fourth-party in 2016. (We already have a third-party, Libertarians.)

down-voting folks

While you down-vote an article in which Federal Reserve is called a “Ponzi scheme” I would expect you to explain why you down-vote -- (unless you work for chairman Bernanke)

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