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Which Liberty Movement branch?

This pertains to those who are involved in the political process.

Here is an initial attempt to accept the reality of our situation and employ strategy in at least one area.

It is clearer that we have distinctions - branches, in the Liberty Movement concerning political process involvement. They are listed below from majority to minority.


Branches and volume

The overwhelming majority are those RP supporters who do not want to be involved in the political process. In my local area, WNY, I would say that is around 97%. (There could be some RP folks in the committee that I do not know. If so, they have been stealth. But since I cannot verify, I have to use numbers I have witnessed).
Nationally? I bet it is around the same. (Area's that this figure scales from are covered later.)
I presently call this the Open (O) branch.

Second, is those who would consider getting involved with a 3rd or new party and not the Republican party. For now, the 3rd Party (3P) branch.

Third, are the Liberty Republicans Flexible (LRF). They activate the strategy of 'working the Republican party' (wtp) and will also be willing to parallel their activation towards 3P. I have myself positioned here since I like options.

Fourth, is the Liberty Republicans Staunch (LRS). They also activate working the party strategy with no consideration to 3P.


Limits of wtp - nationally, and the C4L

The nine or so states that have established Ron Paul wtp beachheads (the campaign delegate states) is the nucleus and core of the wtp strategy. Growth will most likely have to come from these states and spread out.

I cannot speak for all the other states but will use New York as my example. The wtp strategy by becoming a committeeman will not presently work here. Why? Because there is no beachhead established. Remember those nine states were party "participation". The people had a voice. NY is a primary state where the people do not have a voice. So there is no unity "voice" (caucus) participation to form that initial stronghold. (However, inroads can possibly be made in rural areas.)

(Any other states that are as closed as NY will most likely have the same issue. The belief that, well, we get a few committeemen this year, and then more the next, and so on, is not turning out well. It is not happening and it has been tried here for the last six years. I will go over why it is not working further below.)

From it's inception, the C4L has instituted training on becoming precinct leader/committeeman in your election district. This is great.
However, understandably, its training does not have the depth and array needed for all party environment conditions, in all neighborhoods, in all states.

In the county next to mine, in 2010, a couple activists (1 RP person) was able to, talk into, seven people to become committeemen. Now these folks were somewhat excited due to the TeaGOP hype at the time. But, they still needed to be nudged. Two years later, with petitioning ready to start to become committeemen again for another two years, I think only one was still going to do it. What happened to the others? The activists conclusions are, those people expected action/change but they didn't get it. They considered it a waste of time since they affected no change. Why could they not get change? Because they didn't have any strategy to implement that can "move the box" in their town committee. Remember, these people are followers.
The strategy I use to get some type of movement where there is results, is integrity leveraging.

Integrity Leveraging

What do I mean by integrity leveraging? We are seeing it in how RP folks worked some of the conventions during the 2012 RP campaign.

Without going into details, how I go about it, it is by questioning various party officers concerning certain things with a distinct pattern to unveil discrepancies. I use their responses against each other to move what I want, forward.

I do this as professional aggressiveness. Yes, I am pushing the party.

Now when I met one of the activists from the next county in that above example, and showed him what I have done, and the results. He has climbed aboard. Why? Because the strategy is executed professionally.

With performing integrity leveraging, I believe people will have a reason to believe that joining the committee is actually going to have results. Joining the committee is not enough for the "having to talk into joining" followers. If your hard work pays off and you get some, they will probably quit if no meaningful attempts are made to get some type of action happening.


Unfortunately, it seems obvious that these branches will be going their own ways. I think there will be times when some will work together.

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My experience

I don't think I've ever been an (O). I didn't begin activism thinking in terms of politics. As a military brat, I saw a lot of destruction wars left behind. Many of my playgrounds were bomb shelters, gunneries, miltary bases where they had bombers and assorted MIC remnants, artilliary, old tanks, mothballed ships/destroyers. I would look at the ruins and wonder, "WHY don't they clean this stuff up?" By the time we relocated to Hawai'i, the view from the base house was beautiful, but when you walked to the water, it was sludge and military garbage continuing to find it's way to the beaches. The water looked blue from the house, but it was black, and many times dead fish and animals. So my first political experience was not meaning to be political, I made a complaint in the military paper about the filth. The Editor published my age (14 year old). My parents were not proud, but rather upset that I would say anything. I didn't appreciate the grand life the American taxpayer afforded us. Maybe I should just stay in the house where the water looked blue and I was restricted from going down to the beach.

Of course that made me want to go to the beach even more, I just could not go to that beach. But other beaches also had problems, and that is when I joined Save Our Surf. I cut classes and went to the beach to protest. We lost.

When I came of age to vote, I joined the Libertarian Party because the NORML ads in my Dad's Playboy magazine were cool. I just knew, my generation and NORML were going to legitimize marijuana. I went to NORML meetings and everyone talked about "who was the narc". I went to a few Libertarian meetings, and it was mostly old men who argued about how the hippies with their marijuana were destroying the party. A bunch of angry guys. I read Atlas Shrugged because a few of them told me that I had to read it to understand what the Libertarian Party was all about. So happened my Dad was a huge Ayn Rand fan, but he never belonged to a political party because in his words: I serve ALL presidents I don't care what party they belong".

I could write a book,, maybe I should because I'm trying to keep this short.. everything I did politically, was never about politics but wanting to affect change to what I saw as a problem. The thing is, I kept feeling suckered in the end.

When I met Ralph Nader, I went Indy, belonging to no political party, and as hard as we worked for ballot access and open debates all we ever got were law suits.

I never thought I would be a Republican. It was very hard for me to check that Republican box on the registration, but I wanted Ron Paul to win the nomination, so I did everything I could. Ron Paul did not win the nomination, but I got a committee seat, that came with loyaty oaths and a two year committment to the people who signed my petition, and the county.

The thing is, the GOP is nothing like I thought it was. They lie, steal and cheat because they are desperate.. they are a MSM fraud. Ron Paul did not lie, he has given me a seat that enables to to have a VOICE for Liberty and a vote. Why would I want to lose that?

So, I don't know why or what motivates others to get into politics, and I'm not concerned because they have their agenda, just as I have mine, and I work on mine, which is materializing Ron Paul's message where he wanted it in the GOP. If that makes me a staunch Republican to you.. ok. I'm really happy to have that seat, far more than what I thought. And I'm really happy that there are others in the GOP who are new like me, and wanting what I want, constitutional government. We may fail. But at least I'm doing the best I can, and so far, I like what I see happening.

I'm not anti-establishment, rather I'm establishment working to grow liberty. I'm not going to tell anyone that's what they have to do. They don't. If they think waving signs in the street is going to get them liberty.. more power to those signs. If they want to call me names and insult me, twist my words, they can do that too, because it's not going to stop me from working on the best opportunity to achieve materializing Ron Paul's message. I feel lucky. I am happy. And I hope everyone finds their happiness and what works for them.