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Rand Paul Speech on Ending Foreign Aid (9/21)

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  • TONIGHT: Rand Paul gets a vote on Ending Foreign Aid
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    Sen. Rand Paul Speech on the Senate Floor Regarding his Filibuster - 9/21/12


    Part 2 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster Succeeds - 9/21/12


    AnCapMercenary - "GREAT speech against Iran War footing."

    * Call your Senator’s office here: 202-224-3121
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    C-SPAN Speech on foreign aid. Rand comes on at the 47:40 into the video.

    Could this be Rand Paul's defining moment? Whatever your previous thoughts on Rand were, you need to watch this speech. His speech today made me proud to say that I'm a Rand Paul fan.

    I'll write down his opening line as a preview to the rest of the speech:
    "Im going to tell you the story today of a love affair. It's a story that's... a steamy one, a story of illicit behavior. Of treachery and of gluttony. It's a story that involves intrigue and deception. It's a story of unintended consequences, and it's a story of anger and violence... It is the story of American foreign aid".

    Rand also reveals in his speech that he does indeed want to end all foreign aid, but at the very least do away with it to those that don't even show a hint of respect towards us. He's trying to show the absurdity of the foreign aid. I know some people had questions on that, wondering why Rand is only pursuing the few countries that he is. Rand made it clear that if it were up to him, there would be no more foreign aid.

    Some very powerful words throughout the whole speech, and a lot of truth bombs. He also touches up on our foreign policy in general. Hope you all watch!

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    Awesome job by Rand. Haters

    Awesome job by Rand.

    Haters gonna hate..

    It's a good thing

    Rand sold out RIGHT OUTTA THE GATE! Otherwise, I may have gotten a little excited about this. THANKS, Rand! I've looked pretty stupid in the past supporting REPUBLICANS (right before they kick you in the teeth), but you helped me see exactly what you are from the beginning by throwing your own father under the LEFTIST GOP Hannity/Romney/Ryan/McConnell bus.


    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.


    Did you notice the fact where this gives those who voted against Rand a problem when they're challenged in their next primary and their opponent uses this as ammo against them?

    Eric Hoffer

    How your Senator voted.

    Senate, no longer ( may never have had ) vote according to representation of the people of their states. My feeling is on issues of such grave importance should be put forward to the people of the nation. Government has become dictators, not represenatives.

    Here's the run down of the vote.


    Wait... I'm a little confused...

    As a Constitution Party / Libertarian Party guy, I was told to shut up, support and finance the REPUBLICAN "Tea Party Tsunami" in 2010. I was told the "infiltration" of the GOP was THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE ANYTHING! SURE, the SAME TACTIC failed in the 80's, 90's 00's... but 2010?!?!?!? Where's "infiltrator" Scott Brown? Where's "infiltrator" Marco Rubio? Gadsden flags? Tea bags? "Gon' take 'merica back?" Right?!?!?!?!

    Are we going to "hold their feet to the fire?" What SPECIFICALLY is being done about Scott Brown and Rubio? Reps Bachmann and West? How are their "feet being held to the fire?" SPECIFICALLY, what is being done? Recalls? Third party competition? Pulling support? Public rejection? What is the FAKE-conservative media doing? Are Hannity/Rush/FOX/Clearchannel/Townhall/Blaze/Hotair PUBLICLY calling for their recalls? Why not?


    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    Heroic Speech

    Thank you very much for your efforts, Senator Paul.

    Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent-Use this tool to educate the unconverted and prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents.

    How about a bill saying that

    politicians should pay for foreign aid and all other 'compassionate' initiatives with their own money.

    Please visit my site for more information about my libertarian book. Thanks!


    Pay with their money, NOT ours,

    And with their sons and daughters, NOT ours!

    " In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

    This man is 100% libertarian

    to me. People who dont see this by now are not really clearly listening. And im not even American. I wish we had politicians like that in Europe who break it down to what it is like Rand does before the Senate. I believe this man is as good as his father in presenting cases, analyzing, and arguing them, and he does have a sharp intellect just like Ron has. But he does not overwhelm those still sleeping in their minds. You could say he's even more gentle in his expression than Ron is because of Ron's straight forward kind of talking sometimes- but you have to acknowledge this may offend people from time to time, especcially if they do not yet understand you. No wonder to me, that gentle talking is not really popular in the U.S. since you've obviously been fed mostly war-mongering anti-intellectuals with poor rhetoric for at least a 100 years. I guess Jefferson would be pretty disgusted at this, too.

    Now you may like or dislike Rand, agree with me or not that's just perfect- because we have to question everything all the time.

    However, i do think the U.S. does need more politicians who really practice understanding, lead by good example and thus may actually achieve mutual understanding among people also in Rhetoric, very much unlike Obama, Romney, Bush, etc who are just pretenders and the narrow minded fall for it.

    Maybe their medical specialties can give us some insight

    Into their approaches to politics. Rand the eye surgeon gently and delicately tinkers with the vision (helping the statists see a new perspective) while Ron the OB/Gyn goes right for the genitals, pulling new life kicking and screaming out of the womb into a whole new world. Most people aren't ready for a philosophical rebirth. (Or for Rand's more gentle approach either apparently.)

    well then i guess it'd be a

    well then i guess it'd be a good start for everyone to at least beginning to see. you've got plenty of time to your lower parts, kicking screaming and everything else in your new libertarian existence, but to substantially be born again, people need to start seeing clearly for once. so i think it goes quite well that Ron is a gynecologist and Rand is an eye specialist- they're helping people to see and live a new life :)

    however- even the deniers will learn that constitutional principles are right -it just takes time. we all need to get people involved on those principles and forget the superficial, comical and sometimes even dangerous pseudo-fake-reality they live in!


    He showed the other congressmen(women) how to stand up for our convictions.

    Perhaps we will have a President Paul after all...

    Now THIS is why I sent money to Rand Paul's campaign in 2010.

    Yes I am disappointed with Rand supporting Romney (Even while Ron was still running) and appearing to submit to Sean Hannity who hates Ron Paul.

    There's no question I'm plenty pissed about that.

    But I have to give Rand a lot of credit for both his speech and his sponsoring this bill to cut into foreign aid.

    He's only talking about a few Arab countries here, but I hope he gets around to proposiong an end to ALL foreign aid to ALL countries.

    I said ALL. EVERY one.

    During his campaign I sent him money. It is for reasons like this that I did that.

    I've slammed him in recent weeks but for this I say BRAVO Rand!

    "We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
    -Ron Paul

    I am so happy that someone is taking on this issue

    I have been against foreign aid for decades, and have felt all alone.

    What is wrong with the American people? I cannot believe how much they will put up with. This is the end of this country as our founders created it unless we can succeed.

    Sorry but im glad to say it

    Rand haters.... suck on this.

    Why are Rand's critics always

    Why are Rand's critics always called haters? Is it an attempt to chill free speech and silence dissenting voices? It's very similar to the tactic that global warming alarmists use when they call skeptics "deniers" as way of equating them with holocaust deniers. It doesn't help make their point to the skeptics, but it does create more anger among them. I've heard Rand called a sellout for backing Iran sanctions, and endorsing Mitt Romney, but I haven't seen anyone write that they actually hate him. Disappointment and hate are not the same thing, and using a jingoistic slogan to equate them is one the lowest forms of intellectual dishonesty. Rand is a new player in politics, and he has to earn his stripes before the movement will unite behind him. Calling his critics haters everywhere on this site is not helping to unite. I know, I know, his critics are just as bad when they call him names, but as long as the two sides are engaged in name-calling, rather than honest debate, he'll never be able to bring them back into the fold, and it would be an eternal shame if the liberty movement died due to the grudges that are being built from the careless use of language.

    sorry for replying here twice

    sorry for replying here twice but i forgot to say i feel like Rand is just beginning to earn his stripes right now. i'm looking forward very much to hearing from this man in the future. i really think he has potential and there's a lot more to come!

    besides, i agree with your comment very much. great analysis!

    i really think it is all

    i really think it is all about understanding each others. people seem to forget that at times when they get offended and then just accuse each other. but to me, the point really is, more often than we even seem to know by ourselves, about mutual understanding. everyone surely seeks to be understood, but we also have to seek to understand others at the same time. seems to make things work well when succeeding.

    people need to prejudge less listen more and dont get offended so quickly... thats just my opinion :)

    Suck? Actually....

    Rands offense (selling out his dad and his dad's movement for LEFTIST Romney/Ryan) DID involved a hole... it just ... wasn't a mouth.

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    Ron Paul most likely TOLD

    Ron Paul most likely TOLD RAND to endorse Romney and TOLD RAND WHEN TO DO IT. Get a clue.

    egapele's picture

    I've said many times here before & I'll say it again




    RAND ! ! ! ! ! !

    I'm proud to be a Republican!

    I agree with the "Way to go

    I agree with the "Way to go Rand part". But I am still a little hesitant to say I am proud to be a republican when 90 percent of them voted against his bill.

    We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



    SteveMT's picture

    Everyone should be impressed by what Rand Paul did.

    He is forcing a vote to expose which Senators continue to want unrestricted foreign aid. That's why Reid and the others are so pissed at show of defiance filibuster.

    The vote will be 97-3, something like that with Mike Lee and perhaps one other voting with Rand. That will be it.

    By forcing this filibuster, Rand has redeemed himself, IMO.


    I don't... see the victory. For example, Rand Paul KNEW about Romney's/Ryan's leftist, socialist, Constitution-smashing, chickenhawking, socialist-healthcaring, TARPING record... but STILL... sold his own father out to his father's biggest smearer, Sean Hannity, in the most public way - thus deflating the campaign and making COMPLETE JACKHOLES out of his cautious defenders LIKE ME, to endorse R&R and EMBOLDEN the smug, leftist GOP with their first Liberty Movement CO-OPT SCORE!!!!

    Knowledge of who votes how... has never been lacking.

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.


    You really are a one trick pony aren't you?

    You're like the wife that won't let her husband forget for 40+ years that he asked out her sister first.

    Seriously man, just relax. You're being totally blind to what's ACTUALLY occurring on the Senate floor, and those are the things that matter. Not goofy endorsements that pay lip service. Lip service is cheap. Actions like this that get people on record voting for foreign aid? That's priceless. That can be used against them by primary challengers.

    Eric Hoffer

    The real battle is Rhetoric and Discussion - disprove it

    One decisive victory could be shaping discussions, those in congress and the public discussions. thats what Rand did there, to some extent. He exposed all the irrationality, bigotry and false morale by just telling it like it really is and making those who deny the facts just look bad. Thats the way to go, folks. That alone reminds me very much of Ron.

    If people are learning to contribute to, and shape public discussions, it will take influence on public opinions (because there is more than 1).

    That's how we win this struggle, that's the main battefield. Public discussion. And i think we should all train our rhetoric fighting skills and not hide behind notions, prejudices and/or fear.

    Boots on the ground to me means, take part in public Discussion, at least in private discussion. May it be on the internet or in real life, we must debate the fallacies and irrationalities cause our ideas of Liberty will always win.

    So why being shy? Train your skills and debate the sheeple :)


    1 Senator voted against the resolution giving the sense that the American government will seek containment of a nuclear Iran as a strategy. 1 Senator voted against preemptive war.

    Rand Paul.

    "You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA


    That's a Paul moment if I've ever seen one.

    Eric Hoffer

    Go Rand!

    This was great!