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Rand Paul Speech on Ending Foreign Aid (9/21)

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  • TONIGHT: Rand Paul gets a vote on Ending Foreign Aid
  • Rand did it! Voting tonight on foreign aid!
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    Sen. Rand Paul Speech on the Senate Floor Regarding his Filibuster - 9/21/12


    Part 2 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster Succeeds - 9/21/12


    AnCapMercenary - "GREAT speech against Iran War footing."

    * Call your Senator’s office here: 202-224-3121
    More contact info: http://www.senate.gov/gen...
    C-SPAN Speech on foreign aid. Rand comes on at the 47:40 into the video.

    Could this be Rand Paul's defining moment? Whatever your previous thoughts on Rand were, you need to watch this speech. His speech today made me proud to say that I'm a Rand Paul fan.

    I'll write down his opening line as a preview to the rest of the speech:
    "Im going to tell you the story today of a love affair. It's a story that's... a steamy one, a story of illicit behavior. Of treachery and of gluttony. It's a story that involves intrigue and deception. It's a story of unintended consequences, and it's a story of anger and violence... It is the story of American foreign aid".

    Rand also reveals in his speech that he does indeed want to end all foreign aid, but at the very least do away with it to those that don't even show a hint of respect towards us. He's trying to show the absurdity of the foreign aid. I know some people had questions on that, wondering why Rand is only pursuing the few countries that he is. Rand made it clear that if it were up to him, there would be no more foreign aid.

    Some very powerful words throughout the whole speech, and a lot of truth bombs. He also touches up on our foreign policy in general. Hope you all watch!

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    To all the Rand haters out

    To all the Rand haters out there...

    Tonight was an excellent example of why Rand is on our side. Not only did he push through a bill to make a point on foreign aid, he was also the ONLY senator courageous enough to stand up and speak against the follow-on bill that basically called for preemptive war on Iran should they get a nuclear weapon.

    Rand is one of just a few people in the Senate that tirelessly fights for us. Not us the DPers. Us, the American people. He does it sometimes when we're not all watching, at 1230 in the morning on a Friday night, but he does it.


    To all the Rand defenders out there...

    This is what Rand Paul supports...

    Mitt Romney:
    Leftist judges
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL redistributed wealth for student loans
    Bain wrecking ball, manufacturing jobs overseas
    Bankrolled by the SAME TOP bailed-out CONTRIBUTORS AS OBAMA
    Touchback Amnesty
    Dream Amnesty
    Hired illegal alien criminals (and DAMN WELL knew it).
    COMPULSORY, SOCIALIST Romneycare (HALF-funded by feds - unconstitutional)
    Romneycare-funded illegal alien criminal healthcare
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL nation-building
    Global warming (when politically useful)
    Abortion (when politically useful)
    Instituted sodomite/lesbian "marriage" (and tried to blame courts)
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Assault Weapons ban
    Notorious Flip-flopper
    UNCONSTITUTIONALLY Assassinating citizens without Due Process

    Paul Ryan:
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL TARP (which ignited the Tea Party AGAINST HIM)
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Economic Stimulus 2008
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Economic Stimulus 2009
    Debt ceiling hikes
    Comprehensive immigration reform without amnesty (AMNESTY)
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Socialized employment (extending UC)
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Socialized education (No Child Left Behind)
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Socialized medicine (Medicare Prescription Drug "benefits")
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Socialized housing (Section 8 vouchers)
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL Nation-building
    MORE UNCONSTITUTIONAL nation-building
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL H.R. 347 (protest chilling)

    Mitch McConnell:
    So leftist, SO SOCIALIST... list not needed.

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    I never said a word about

    I never said a word about Romney or Ryan, and to blankly say that Rand agrees with them just because he played the game (which I, too, didn't like) is dishonest. Dr. Paul has endorsed people that he didn't agree 100% with, but does that make him the other person that he endorsed? Just because Congressman Amash support the Defense of Marriage Act does that mean Dr. Paul does too? Why don't you let the man's merits speak for itself. If you pay attention to whats actually going on with him you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Bingo. Thank you.

    "Played the game."

    This is why I will NEVER, EVER support nor contribute to Rand Paul (although, now that he's "played the game"... I doubt withholding my measly couple hundred duckets will matter).

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.


    How do you feel about Ron Paul having endorsed Boehner and Gingrich?

    Do you not support Ron Paul either?

    Eric Hoffer

    Bill failed 10-81

    10 yes votes:



    Lame with shame as usual despite the revitalizing of conservatism occurring here.

    The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
    And those who have not heard shall understand.

    DeMint has become just plain

    DeMint has become just plain awesome


    He's DEFINITELY getting better. I'm not sure whether to count him as "on the team" just yet, but he's definitely been an ally on many issues.

    Eric Hoffer


    Both Kansas Senators standing with Dr. Paul.

    Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
    www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
    www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

    Where's "tea party" Scott Brown?

    Personally, I wanted Constitution Party Joseph Kennedy, but was laughed at and ridiculed. I was told to shut up, and "infiltrate" the GOP - the ONLY WAY to restore Constitutional law. I was told by the FAKE-TEA GOP group Tea Party Express to support LEFTIST Brown over Constitutionalist Joseph Kennedy... to "infiltrate" the GOP. I was told by Sean Hannity that LEFTIST Brown was a "game-changer" and... to "infiltrate" the GOP. I was told I was crazy. A purist. A third party nutjob. My comments were voted down, down, down. I was booted from the Tea Party Express site. The Tea Party Express FB page, Youtube channel.

    So I'm wondering... at the risk of proving the GOP "infiltrators" correct, and myself, as insane as described...

    WHERE IS SCOTT BROWN?!?!?!?!?!

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    I was asking people to vote

    I was asking people to vote for Joe Kennedy. The other two (Scott and Martha) are owned by the establishment. When candidates get so much attention my the media, that is a clear sign.

    I was thinking the same

    I was thinking the same thing. And Marco Rubio. And others. Rand really has his work cut out for him in the current Senate.

    Thanks for the names

    I keep watching DeMint. He is pretty sympathetic to the Pauls, even though he doesn't always go far enough in supporting them. Hopefully he'll go all the way at some point.

    Where's "tea party" Marco Rubio?

    You know... the "tea party" GOP "game-changer" who's "infiltrating" the GOP after the "tsunami of 2010?" Did he not vote?

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    10 aye 81 no

    Gotta get those names. Nvm, thanks

    Off topic, but just wondering

    why Rand isn't wearing his wedding ring.


    Rand got 5 votes - did I get that right ?

    5 out of 100.....this is our senate....they believe 95% that we should give money with no strings to countries all over the world...happy our gov't represents the people. good grief

    Well they actually do represent the people -

    (at least those who were elected in a lawfully conducted voting process..)

    So wake up! You've got a lot of work to do.

    Rand got 5 votes - did I get that right ?

    5 out of 100.....this is our senate....they believe 95% that we should give money with no strings to countries all over the world...happy our gov't represents the people. good grief

    10 total voted for, 81 against


    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

    Coats' box is full too.

    Coats' box is full too.


    I'm ashamed of myself. I was weak. I was curious. I wanted to confirm my fears... I can't really explain why, but...

    but I ACTUALLY CLICKED on clip 2 to hear Rand's "I voted for sanctions" followed up with the classic GOP double-speak of expressing the virtue of AVOIDING "preemptive war."

    Boy oh boy do I feel like an idiot for ever clicking, even though I did click off at 00:25.

    Third party, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    As we're calling our Senators,

    I suggest conversations with their spokespeople or ANYONE in the local or Washington offices, if possible. I've experienced many enlightening conversations with republicans who have NO CLUE about what the Constitution says, the Enumerated Powers, the 10th, decentralized government, private property, personal liberty, etc.

    If you ain't ready for the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party now... do this, and you will be.

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

    i think its a real shame some

    i think its a real shame some politicians don't even seem to have a clue about the Constitution. Congress should make a law requiring for them to at least read it, before their inauguration.

    Some other quotes

    Here are some other quotes from Rand today that I saw people talking about (many many more highlight's, so I recommend watching if you haven't yet):

    "The learning curve around here is so slow that we will get 10, maybe 20 senators to place any restrictions on foreign aid."

    One of my favorites (I believe this is from his second speech):
    "Some argue that without foreign aid we'll have war. I'm arguing that it is BECAUSE foreign aid we have war".

    "There needs to be an American Spring. An American Spring where you tell your leaders that you're sick and tired of your money going to fund dictator's. An American Spring where we all UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED IN THE ARAB SPRING. The Arab Spring is a direct consequence of us sending foreign aid and lavishing it on people who don't respect the freedom of their constituents, who don't allow constitutional freedoms. The Arab Spring's anger, as much as it is directed towards America, is not against our constitution. It isn't because they don't believe in freedom. It's because they're upset we've been funding and subsidizing their dictators."

    it isn't because they don't

    it isn't because they don't believe in freedom.
    yeah, plainly it is because Americans don't seem to believe in freedom, if anything. i really can't blame them at this moment..


    Voicemail and email boxes are full, LMAO

    That's awesome!

    Good job everyone.


    I'm sure the groveling messages will alter the behavior/vote that's been bought with millions of "contribution" dollars and (wink-wink) "agreements" already. I'm sure the machine is choked full-o those EMPTY, stuttering threats of "do this... or we will do that." If I were Lugar, I'd grab a few cigars, a few GOP lobbyist buds, a few GOP Congressional buds, a few "Tea Party" co-opter buds (think Armey), a few bottles of disgustingly expensive wine - comped by you and me, loosen my tie... click play... AND LAUGH MY ASS OFF!

    Brother Winston Smith

    The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.