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I Refuse to Employ a PC War Filter

Modern technological devices have revealed
Truths that existed on ancient battlefields.
Dehumanization—I will endeavor not to offend,
We dehumanized in WWII—we did not pretend.

Germans troops were Krauts—not Human entities,
When you dehumanize—you just see an enemy.
It was encouraged—but combat affects the brain,
You’re affected to dehumanize or rendered insane.

Political Correctness affects a misadjusted focus;
To win—war must be waged with ruthlessness!
It is—it will be henceforth—as it was heretofore,
Simply not possible to win a humanitarian war.

But sanctimonious, no-nothing TVs and politicians
Demand a humanitarian war and clinical precision.
Mayhem ain’t nice or precise—it’s war—not a crime;
It’s impossible to judge it—from chair that reclines.

T Kosciuszko

Evolution beckons—war is not a word,
If we refuse to evolve—why be absurd?

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