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Texans, Be Libertarian with us this one time

So you know which way Texas is going in November. Let's show the Libertarians that have our values what they deserve - support and votes. These guys are out doing it for the same reasons we are, to protect our families, lives, state and nation. We've seen what the Republicans think of us. We know Gary Johnson isn't Ron Paul, but he's a damn good second choice considering the field we're choosing from. Let's not be naive, we know Cruz isn't one of us either. If you haven't heard of him, here's a good introduction to John Jay Myers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u5DTJL3CQs . Tell your parents, the ones fed up but stuck in the infotainment network of promoting adversaries, "we just want to apply the values and principles YOU TAUGHT US, be Libertarian with us this one time". If you're as outspoken as me, of course they know the arguments, appeal to their good nature and common decency. Ask them to apply their everyday value system. Tell them they no longer have to suspend certain values to save those values. Tell them bs walks in Texas and it's time to stand up.