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Gibson Settles Lawsuit in Exotic Guitar Wood Case

If you heard about the raid when it happened last year and wondered if it had been resolved:


...A raid on the company by U.S. agents in August incensed tea party groups and Republican lawmakers such as House Speaker John Boehner, who called it an example of overreaching by big government.

Wearing bulletproof vests, agents from the Justice and Homeland Security Departments sent workers home and seized almost 100 guitars and boxes of raw materials, Chief Executive Officer Henry Juszkiewicz said in an interview last year...



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This really irritates me!! Why doesn't our caring government go after violaters of the treaty that they signed that deals with the illegal killing of whales in international waters by the Japanese??? The japanese whalers attempt to KILL 1,000 whales per year in the Antartic and the US will not donate one cent nor give any aid to the small group of individuals that risk their lives every year to stop this slaughter. Don't dare tell me that the US stays out of it because the whalers are private because this past season, the Japanese GOVERNMENT gave these whalers millions of dollars in financial aid AND military personal and a military vessel to attack and prevent the Sea Shepherd and it's crew from stopping this illegal slaughter. Neither does the US even say a word to the Japanese about stopping this illegal activity. I'm tired of our government pretending to care so much about wildlife and the environment when they actually don't give a crap about the real environmental issues. HYPOCRITES!! It's ALL about the MONEY!

This story is important

If it can happen to Gibson it could happen to anyone.

It was probably the pandas.

They tried to fight it I guess.

International law...

The got rooked on this.