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We cannot possibly hold ourselves to the ethics that are not being afforded to us and win

and that is the answer folks. I saw a Mike Lee endorsement of Romney way before it was guaranteed Romney was going to take the nomination. I saw a Rand Paul endorsement way after it was obvious
Romney had the nomination. There are ways we all must learn to differentiate enemies of the Constitution to the friends of the Constitution. If we can not diseminate(spelled wrong probably) enemies from friends in this movement, we aren't going to go very far. If a guy tells you to come to a paintball gun tournament to have some fun and you bring your paintball gun for the prize of $10,000 and he ends up bringing an AK-47,kills you and takes the prize, after he buries you of course with the gun and comes back with a paintball gun and says he wins, how justified was your playing by the rules, you are dead, he gets the money, and yes, you still are dead. We hold our friends of liberty to a higher scrutiny than we do the ones we know are blatently screwing us. Now we have our friends tiptoeing around with paintball guns while their opponents have AK-47's. If we do not give our allies a chance to cross the line in this dirty game when it is necessary, they will have to appease both the enemy and their friend. That is what will get us dead and buried with our paintball gun. Let our friends of liberty in politics bring their AK-47's to the match, don't make them bring paintball guns. Rand Paul 2016!!!!!

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Well said

To me, Rand's endorsement of Romney helped his Dad, because there were so many people like me who Rand was talking to.. I wondered WHY? Why would he endorse Romney.. and then I learned that I was bound it the nominee.. and even though I won a seat, to be seated in january, they had assigned me a seat.. it was a set up.. Had I said, forget Romney.. blah blah blah,, I wiould have liost my seat and never been able to claim my elected seat. So Rand woke me up, and I don't think I am alone. And for that, I am grateful to Rand.

Very grateful.


we need to dissect situations before we cast judgements. Let's not forget we have people on here who will try to get us into a mob mentality very fast against our very own. We must be able to distinguish who we need to go after to win. Thank you for working so hard for liberty Granger.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!