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Another Way To Understand Why Gold Has Value

A fun page that explains the value of stuff:

The monetary density of things

...It’s a common figure of speech to say that x is worth its weight in y, where y is usually (but not always) gold. But most of us don’t buy and weigh gold very often, so how do you connect that to real life? Does “worth its weight” in pennies or $100 bills make any more sense?

We have collected here a bunch of examples for different things that represent a wide range of monetary value per unit weight, in what might make a useful
calibration chart for your future idiomatic usage...


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Sorry, Nickels are a HORRIBLE way to Store Wealth


even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas



Free includes debt-free!

yes really. I see you've linked to a website.

Does it say something???

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas