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To everyone criticizing conspiracy theorists

Suspicion is a virtue and sedition is an act of patriotism. One could argue that our entire ideology is based around the idea that power corrupts and that means that no one in a position of power should be trusted. The liberty movement is the only group that questions the ligitimacy of the government's official version and our already deteriorated liberties cannot afford to leave rocks unturned. We need to remember that the main streamers construe everything that we discuss as "conspiracy theory", the last thing that we need to do is ridicule our own for seeking the truth. The best minds of our generation reside within the liberty movement, give their research the benefit of the doubt.

I can't blame Jack Hunter and others like him for dodging the 9/11 conspiracy theories because the mainstream media would have a field day with anyone that close to Ron Paul subscribing to something that much of the public sees as crazy. But for Jack to act the way he did toward a group like we are change is childish and divisive. It's hard for me to forgive someone that would purposely try to diminish and tarnish the reputation of an organization trying to spread the message of liberty.

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we need to stay as united as possible

hunter at times does more damage than good to the movement. he needs to follow dr. paul's example and show more respect for people.


nobody is questioning conspiracy theorists

in fact the real conspiracy is the division and fractionalism going on around here.

this thread is precisely the byproduct of that conspiracy. everyone here should be able to see this.

isn't it obvious that there is a concerted effort to divide?

wake up.