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Weird question: Do gliders fly at night with no lights?

I just saw something whoosh over my house at 11:30 pm in Austin, TX. It was white and silent and had no lights. It didn't have wings like a glider, but more like a jet and was flying low...about the height of buzzards....and fast and much smaller than a glider, but much bigger than a toy remote control. It looked like it may have had panels on the underside of it's wings. I think I just saw my first drone. Are drones silent? I went to google images and looked at gliders and drones and this was the closet thing I could find that looked like it:



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I saw something similar about

I saw something similar about 2 months ago. It was at night. Decided to check out Ursa Major, and boom there it was. Plane/Glider flying low over my head. No lights. No sounds. White circular panels on the underside of this things wings. I still don't know what it was, but I live in military industrial complex rich Colorado Springs. Probably came from Peterson AFB. I was at work when I saw it and I work at Schriever AFB.

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Might have been a "weird question" in the past

but not anymore.

Welcome to the future, buddy.

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