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5 Reasons Why Conspiracy Theorists Are More Popular Than You Think

1. Public opinion polls show that the majority of Americans and Westerners agree with the views of "conspiracy theorists" more than those of government officials and media personalities.

Public opinion polls show that public trust in government and the media is at an all time low. Their record of lying to the Western public is difficult to conceal, even with the biggest propaganda machine in history at their disposal. The growth and influence of the global alternative media has broken the magic spell over the public. The "mainstream media" is no longer mainstream. The old fringe is the new mainstream.

Conspiracy theorists have been proven right about so many issues and historical events, with 9/11 being the most important among them. The views of conspiracy theorists are more popular than ever because they are telling the truth.

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ytc's picture

Yaaay. . . The exotic hobby of pursuing & telling the TRUTH is

coming back! Neocon cheaters' *noble lies* numbing & dumbing effects are fading away. . .

Freedom! Remember Maine!!