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Farmer acquitted in Minn. raw milk trial

A Minnesota man charged with violating the state's restrictions on raw milk sales was acquitted Thursday in what he and his supporters called a victory for consumer freedom.

Alvin Schlangen, an organic egg producer from central Minnesota, was charged with three misdemeanor counts of distributing unpasteurized milk, operating without a food handler's license and handling adulterated food. Minnesota law prohibits raw milk sales except directly to consumers on the farm when it's produced.

The three-man, three-woman jury deliberated for about 4 ½ hours before returning not guilty verdicts on all three counts in Hennepin County District Court.

"This is a huge victory for food freedom," said Schlangen's attorney, Nathan Hansen, who told the jury in closing arguments Wednesday that Schlangen did nothing illegal.


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Debbie's picture

Kudos to that jury! I hope he is just as fortunate in his next

trial coming up in another county.


Welcome to Amerika...

sonsabitches hunt down and imprison American citizens for growing gardens in the front yard, for growing a non toxic vegetable and using it for food/fiber/fuel/and life saving medicine,collecting rain water to water your garden, for being a Delegate for someone like Dr. Paul.....the list is SO long it makes me sick that we allow this unconstitutional BS to continue. There are many who should be swinging from a Hemp Rope..oh wait a second..to be in possesion of a hemp rope might get you a year or 2 in the pokey..never mind.

Im happy for the guy to get acquitted on the Raw Milk charges..we have to keep fighting these gangsters..there are more of US then there are of them..but we must unite then go to war.

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