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New genetic light shed on human evolution

New genetic light shed on human evolution

September 21, 2012 6:42 pm

A new genetic study of a group of sub-Saharan peoples has challenged the prevailing view that modern humans emerged from one location in Africa before spreading out across the world.

An international research team found that the Khoe and San groups from southern Africa are descendants of the earliest diversification event in the history of modern humans – 100,000 years ago.

Instead of localising the origin of modern humans to a single geographic region in Africa, the researchers discovered a complex record of interbreeding and genetic stratification, challenging the view of evolution in one place. Details appear in the journal Science.

There are two main theories concerning the spread of humans out of Africa. The dominant view holds that modern humans began to leave Africa and colonise Europe and Asia about 60,000 years ago. The alternative “multiregional model” suggests there were several “movements” out of Africa with parallel lines of evolution around the world.

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What you all fail to see is the Obama Monkey came first...He built the two political party system which gave birth to a mirad of politiians.

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Aquatic ape theory

A theory that proposes that human evolution had an aquatic evolutionary history. The more the evidence is examined, the more obvious it becomes. The human body is clearly designed for an aquatic existence, fat layers under the skin, hairless body, controlled breathing, bipedal aerodynamic configuration (facilitates diving) dilute urine, limited thirst instinct, swimming ability and add in the fact a naked bi-pedal human could not exist without tools on a savanna very long, but could in a semi aquatic environment.

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I think it's all assbackwards

I believe that man came first, and monkeys devolved from man.

Look at the devolving society around you for pete's sake. They get dumber by the day.

Yeah, we all started as Elves in Middle Earth

It's just a matter of time until there's nothing but hordes of orcs and goblins running around. In fact, aren't they organized into two political parties?

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And, yes, of course, all these things can be proven and doesn't conflict with any earlier report(s) because... newer is better, Right?

When did the era of the monkey becoming man begin?

Their funding was probably running out and an answer had to be had.

Like, the song that had to be written that shouldn't have been written in order to fill the order.

Like always, its an attempt at making our existence appear immortal.

The Simulation Theory


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