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iPhone 5 And Spying

I'm thinking about buying the iPhone5 (I have the 3GS) but I'm pretty sure I've read that smartphones are now required by law to have built in back doors to allow the government to look in. Has anyone heard of that? Thoughts on the idea of buying one?

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I've Read

All cell phones (as well as many other devices like computers and smart meters) are required to have back doors for gov. spying. The new iPhone 5 has additional features that allow gov to block your phone from recording near gov. buildings and any where near protest gatherings. Welcome to the police sate servailance grid. Is it true?

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I have ordered the 5, but I

I have ordered the 5, but I can't imagine how that would be possible. You should be able to put your phone in "airplane mode" and still use an app that records audio, photos, or video. Granted, I don't trust that when I turn off location services that it is actually doing that.

Maybe it's time to get mini HD camera. They are small, dirt cheap, and have better microphones on them than most smart phones.

Apple to block iPhone

Apple to block iPhone photography, video recording at concerts

Wow! That's some serious

Wow! That's some serious nazi bullshit right there. Maybe I should send my iPhone back.