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Palin to Romney-Ryan: 'Go Rogue'

Palin to Romney-Ryan: 'Go Rogue'

"America desperately needs to have a 'come to Jesus' moment..."

9:19 AM, SEP 22, 2012

In a statement to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin offers some advice for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, this year's Republican ticket for president and vice president, respectively.

"With so much at stake in this election, both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should 'go rogue' and not hold back from telling the American people the true state of our economy and national security," says Palin. "They need to continue to find ways to break through the filter of the liberal media to communicate their message of reform."

Palin also suggests that Romney and Ryan can be responsible for an epiphany on this country's fiscal standing. "America desperately needs to have a 'come to Jesus' moment in discussing our big dysfunctional, disconnected, and debt-ridden federal government," says Palin.

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Yeah like that is going

Yeah like that is going happen, just let them butter up a statement on it and they'll get right on it.

What I'd really like to see is them going "rogue" and vanishing for good, never to be heard or seen again.

Southern Agrarian

Ron Pauling?

Ron Pauling?